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Apex Legends’ Biggest Creators Are Quitting the Game

Abhimannu Das
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Daltoosh and iiTzTimmy are not happy with the state of Apex Legends' current state.
Timmy has cited long queue times as his primary reason for staying away from Apex Legends Season 15.
Daltoosh wants to move away from Apex Legends and focus on Call of Duty commentary instead.

100 Thieves’ Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An and TSM’s Dalton “Daltoosh” Hester are two of the biggest content creators in the Apex Legends community and both of them are “done” with the game. iiTzTimmy had previously quit the game due to the unfair matchmaking which put him against low-skilled players while he wanted a challenge. He came back in Season 15 but he said that he does not enjoy the queue times which surprised a lot of players. Daltoosh on the other hand is no longer having fun with the game and wants to move on to other titles.

Daltoosh may move on to Call of Duty commentary

The biggest highlights of Daltoosh’s career in Apex Legends content creation are his watch parties during the Apex Legends esports events. He is the not-safe-for-work (NSFW) version of the official stream and he does not shy away from popping open a can of beer or using explicit language to cheer on TSM’s esports team led by Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen.

He is one of the most entertaining personalities in Apex Legends and he wants to stop hosting the watch parties and is exploring Call of Duty commentary instead. He has been playing a lot of other games recently and he regrettably informed fans that he is “just about done” with Apex Legends content. 

Davis "Hitch" Edwards of OpTic Gaming reached out to Daltoosh and said that he plans on hosting Call of Duty watch parties for the 2nd Major this year and asked if Daltoosh wants to join in. Considering how Daltoosh draws most of his viewers because of his entertaining personality, it would be a massive loss for Apex Legends and a big win for Call of Duty.

iitzTimmy on the other hand is likely to return to Apex Legends. He had previously taken a break to play Valorant but he eventually returned. Recently, he has started playing Escape From Tarkov and might not be showing up in Apex Legends until Season 16.

Some fans have pointed out that Timmy’s reasoning to quit Apex Legends due to “high queue times” is strange because the game has extremely short queue times for casual games. While the streamer might have legitimate reasons to not play Apex, the reason he cited was deemed strange by fans considering how long Escape From Tarkov queues are.

Respawn Entertainment has big changes lined up for Apex Legends and there is Titanfall content on the horizon according to leaks. Only time will tell if Apex can continue to retain player interest like it has over the past three years or if it will slowly die due to a lack of new content.

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