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Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Confirmed for 21st June

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Apex Legends Awakening is set to arrive on 21st June along with the return of the Control mode.
The Control mode is being added with some balance changes to make the game mode feel less punishing when players leave.
The new event will also bring map changes to Olympus and introduce a new Lifeline-themed POI.

Apex Legends’ Awakening Collection event will go live on 21st June with a host of changes to ranked mode, a new point of interest (POI), a new heirloom, and more. With a number of players talking about how difficult it is to climb in the new ranked system, especially in a solo queue environment, Respawn Entertainment is addressing player concerns and is making the system a little forgiving by reducing the ranked entry costs per match.

New Lifeline Clinic on Olympus

There is a new POI in Olympus which is Lifeline’s clinic. The building is located between Gardens and Grow Towers in the Northeast corner of Olympus. In the center of the Clinic's main floor stands the Med-bay. With it, legends can take advantage of the most refined automated healing system in the Outlands.

Whenever injured legends are standing on the platform, a heal tether will activate and attach to them. If the Med-bay is charged, they will get continuous healing. Additionally, the Med-bay's holo-displays will indicate if someone is healing, or if the Med-bay is recharging.

Control Mode returns

Control mode returns during the Awakening Collection Event and this time, World’s Edge will be joining the rotation with Olympus and Storm Point. Some of the changes that have been made to the mode include:

  • There are ad drones for flavor & storytelling purposes, but you can also shoot them.

  • The game will now fill slots of missing players at the start of Control with new players to prevent imbalanced matches.

  • Added tabs to the About screen – seen in Lobby and accessible in Control matches.

    • One of the new tabs has a breakdown of Ratings values.

    • The other has a breakdown of how the spawn system works.

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event

The Awakening Collection Event introduces a brand new set of 24-themed, limited-time cosmetics. Look every inch the fighter in new Legendary skins including Horizon’s “Atom Heart Mother”, Fuse’s “Animal Instinct”, Ash’s “Existential Threat”, and more. All 24 items will be available through direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Awakening Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event.

There will also be a new rewards tracker during the event. You can earn 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. All of these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so that you can complete multiple at once.

Balance Changes


  • R-301 and Rampage removed from crafting and added back to floor loot.

  • Wingman and CAR SMG added to the crafting pool and removed from floor loot.

Out of Bounds

  • Weapons and Abilities will now only stow in an OOB (Out of Bounds) trigger when the player is on the ground (OOB timer will still tick up).

Bocek Bow

  • Optic on Gold version defaults to the 3x Ranger.


  • Can now use decoys from Valk Skydive Re-Deploy.


  • Combat Revive

    • Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to the player that’s getting revived.

  • D.O.C. Heal Drone

    • Healing pool increased from 150 to infinite (still lasts 20s).

    • Doubled the healing radius.

  • Care Package

    • Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.

    • The weapon attachment panel now comes with a Shield Battery instead of two Shield Cells.

    • No blue beam on initial drop (will still show up after the Care Package lands).


  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.


  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.


  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.

  • Rings tuned for more balanced map dispersion.


Split Reset

This split’s reset is softer

  • 13.1 Split Reset: 6 → 4 divisions

  • Entry Cost

Lower entry cost

  • -10 RP across all divisions and tiers.

Diminishing Kill Values:

  • More RP for high elimination counts

Currently, the first three eliminations are worth about 100%. The subsequent three are worth about 80%, and anything after that is worth about 20%. The developers are changing it so each squad is worth about 20% less while maintaining a minimum of 20%. This will give winning teams with high eliminations about 40 to 60 more RP. Killing players of higher ranks also rewards more RP in the new patch.

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