Antidote Makes A Choice Between RvK And LeVi


Antidote Makes a Choice Between RvK and LeVi: "Both of them are really good"

A tough decision, but one astute answer. 🗿

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent post-match interview at the VCL 2023 South Asia, Antidote had to make a tough choice between RvK and LeVi.
LeVi played three regular stage matches for Orangutan in the absence of RvK who suffered from an ear infection.
RvK returned to play the last match for Orangutan against Reckoning Esports as the team qualified for the playoffs.

Orangutan topped its group during the regular season of the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) 2023: South Asia winning four consecutive matches against Lethal Esports, Aster Army, Medal Esports, and Reckoning Esports.

For most of these matches, Orangutan had to rely on the services of Rajiv "LeVi" Satpute due to the unavailability of Rishi "RvK" Vijayakumar, who was suffering from a severe ear infection.

During an interview after the regular season concluded, Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose - Captain of Orangutan, was asked to choose a player from between the two and this is whom he ended up selecting.

Antidote makes a choice between his Orangutan teammates: RvK or LeVi?

Both the players have now represented Orangutan in the ongoing VCL 203 South Asia, proving their worth to Antidote and providing him with an option to switch players in his team if and when required.

LeVi, the talented youngster quickly made a name for himself, impressing everyone with his skills and accumulating plenty of highlight moments to his name.

  • LeVi vs Lethal Esports: Avg ACS 176 | K/D/A 21/13/20

  • LeVi vs Aster Army: Avg ACS 184 | K/D/A 33/43/41

  • LeVi vs Medal Esports: Avg ACS 201 | K/D/A 43/33/18

He played the first three regular season matches for Orangutan and though Antidote was skeptical at first, his views changed quickly witnessing the 20-year-old in action.

RvK after suffering an ear infection was unavailable for most of the regular season but did manage to make a comeback for Orangutan's last match against Reckoning Esports.

  • RvK vs Reckoning Esports: Avg ACS 194 | K/D/A 43/39/21

He dished out consistent performances with Killjoy, Brimstone, and Viper, bolstering his team's faith in him that despite being away from competition he had not lost his edge.

While making his choice during the interview, Antidote said that "Both of them are really good, but I’ll go with RvK because of his experience, but LeVi you have all seen how he has been performing in the tournament."

He further mentioned that in the coming playoffs, LeVi could be a potent wildcard for Orangutan to utilize, "The way opponents try to read you. It is good to have a sixth player, so that if your bench is strong, you have a higher chance of throwing a curveball. So I think it is a good thing to have a player like LeVi who takes a lot of initiative and is very young. Overall, I'm happy!"

Update: Antidote's statement has been changed as per his latest Tweet.

Note: The related segment starts from 02:55 onwards.

Due to its 4-0 run in the regular season, Orangutan directly qualified for the 'upper bracket semifinals' of the playoffs and will be playing against the winner of Gods Reign vs Reckoning Esports.

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