Anticipation Bubbles as Valorant Looks for Associate Console Playtest Analyst

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Riot Games recently posted a job listing looking for an analyst to work for Valorant console.</p></div>
Riot Games recently posted a job listing looking for an analyst to work for Valorant console.


Riot Games recently posted a job listing looking for an analyst to work for Valorant console.
Here’s all we know about this role and about the future of Valorant on consoles.

Ever since the launch of Riot Games’ hero first-person shooter Valorant, players have been asking whether there would be a console version of the game. If you are a console player, there might be some good news for you. Valorant might be coming to consoles sooner than we initially thought. This would allow so many new players to experience and enjoy the game just like PC players do. Riot Games has posted about a job listing, looking for a former console FPS (first person shooter) pro player, hinting at Valorant’s release on major console devices including Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. 

Here’s all we know about this job posting for Valorant’s console version.

Riot Games is hiring for Associate Console Playtest Analyst Role

Riot Games made it apparent that it is actively hiring people to help with the porting of Valorant from PC to consoles. Recently, the developer posted a job listing for an Associate Console Playtest Analyst.

In the job description, the company made it clear that it believes ‘quality’ is a set of values, practices, and behaviors that inform every part of the development process. “By honing our craft of quality and demonstrating cross-discipline partnerships we help Riot sustainably craft excellent experiences for players, globally,” it noted.

The role of an Associate Console Playtest Analyst on the Game Analysis Team will be focused on validation testing of upcoming gameplay experiences for Valorant and the analyst will work directly with developers to play in, plan, and evaluate playtests, noted Riot. The job is based in Los Angeles, USA with an additional location at Bellevue. 

To qualify for this specific role one must have previously played a console FPS at a professional level and should be currently ranked Immortal or higher in Valorant on PC. Riot Games also needs this role to be filled by someone who has a high-level understanding of the micro and macro decisions required to optimize Valorant gameplay.

This analyst will provide feedback on changes to the game and take part in playtests for unreleased content.

Some of the other responsibilities include: 

  • Manage risk assessments for unreleased content based on playtest data

  • Support defining objectives and finding conclusions from playtests

  • Manage test plans for future tests and defects uncovered during playtests

  • Take detailed directions to complete required tasks

This is not the first job listing hiring for Valorant console. Toward the end of last year, Riot Games hired for the following roles:

  • Senior Game Designer, Console - Valorant

  • Game Design Manager, Console - Valorant

When Is Valorant Console Version Releasing?

While Riot Games is actively hiring many developers and analysts for the Valorant console version, it does not have a definitive date of release currently. At this time, there is no confirmation that the game will be available on consoles in 2023, so you will have to wait a little longer.

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