Valorant Episode 5 Act II by Riot Games features memorable pop-culture references and memes


All the Memes Featured in Valorant Episode 5 Act II

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Riot Games always introduces cool sprays and player cards in its Battle Passes for Valorant.
The Battle Pass for Valorant Episode 5 Act II features some famous pop-culture references and memes.

If you have been playing Valorant for a while now, you might have realized that Riot Games is all for embracing memes and entertaining its player base. Riot has always had its takes on these pop-culture references and players thoroughly enjoy them. One of the many ways to showcase these jokes for the company is to incorporate them into sprays and other cosmetics in Valorant. The Valorant Episode 5 Act II Battle Pass has a sea of easter eggs and memes for players to decipher and have a good laugh.

Meme references in Episode 5 Act II battle pass

Hide the pain Harold/Brimstone

If you go to the battle pass tab in-game and scroll to Tier 12 of Valorant Episode 5 Act II battle pass, you will see Brimstone holding a cup of coffee with a bunch of papers on the table in front of him along with an open laptop. This is a reference to the “Hide the pain Harold” meme which stems from an image of a senior stock photography model whose facial expression appears to indicate suppressed pain and discomfort.

Hide the pain spray

Phoenix Rise spray

This spray on Tier 21 is pretty obvious and you will immediately notice it while scrolling through the Episode 5 Act II battle pass. This is a direct reference to the Elmo Rise or the Hellmo meme. The original meme features Elmo from Sesame Street. The photo or GIF features Elmo, photoshopped over rising flames and the meme is used as a reaction most times.

Phoenix/Elmo rise

Let me in spray

This spray in Valorant features Sage and Jett and is on Tier 24. This is a Valorant-version of the Let Me In reaction image or GIF featuring American comedian Eric Andre screaming the phrase outside the Democratic National Convention in 2016 in his Eric Andre Show.

Let me in spray

Spike Showdown card

There is a free chapter reward card featuring two Cyphers after Tier 25 in the Valorant Episode 5 Act II battle pass. This one is easy to guess as it is a reference to the Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme. The original meme comes from an image from the 60's SpiderMan cartoon episode where two people donning the superhero costume point at each other. Interestingly, this meme was recreated in the recent Spiderman No Way Home where the three Spidermen (Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield) point at each other in their costumes.

Spike Showdown card

Blasting Away spray

Do you remember the “So anyway, I started blasting” quote from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia by Frank Reynolds, played by Danny DeVito. The image from this scene has since gain popularity on Reddit and other social media. In this Valorant version of this image, Brimstone can be seen holding two guns and has a confused look on his face.

Blasting Away spray

Sova’s Achilles Heel

This is not a meme or a pop-culture reference but Riot Games has included a spray referring to Achilles’ Heel from Greek mythology in the Valorant Episode 5 Act II battle pass. Achilles is said to be the bravest and greatest warrior during the Trojan War and his only weakness and his vulnerable spot on his body is the heel which his mother Thetis held him by while dipping him into River Styx. This spray is a free chapter reward after Tier 20 on the battle pass.

Achilles' Heel

If you are a fan of these jokes and pop-culture references, you could consider buying the Valorant Episode 5 Act II battle pass for 1000 Valorant points. Apart from these sprays, titles, and cards, the battle pass also features a cool skin line for weaponry called Piedra del Sol.

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