All Teams Qualified For League of Legends MSI 2024

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MSI 2024 is the first international tournament of League of Legends esports this year.
The tournament is taking place in China this year and will feature 12 teams from around the world.
Here are all the teams that have qualified for MSI 2024 so far.

The start of the competitive season in League of Legends esports is always exciting. Not only do fans witness the new rosters that took shape in the off-season, but also see how their teams fare in the opening splits of their respective regions in the run-up to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). The 2024 League of Legends esports season kicked off with the Spring Split in the regions of North America, China, and South Korea, whereas Europe, Middle East, and Africa played the second-ever Winter Split. MSI will feature two teams from major League of Legends esports regions: The winner of the split and the runner-up. 

Riot Games announced that the MSI 2024 will be played in Chengdu, China this year and the tournament will take place in May. A total of 12 teams from around the world will participate in the first international League of Legends tournament of the year, noted Riot Games.

Excitingly, for the first time ever, the winning team at MSI 2024 will be awarded a guaranteed spot at Worlds 2024 and this will also count as an additionally slot for that respective region. However, to ensure that the Worlds-qualified team is committed to its success in the home league, it should still qualify for its region's Summer Split Playoffs.

Having said all that, here are all the teams that have qualified for MSI 2024 in Chengdu, China so far.

MSI 2024 Seeding and Format

Riot Games said, "The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is coming to Chengdu, China! From May 1-19, 12 qualified teams from around the world will take to the global stage for the first time this year at the Chengdu Financial City Performing Arts Center."

12 teams in total will be sent to China to compete:

  • Two teams each from LPL, LCK, LCS, and LEC

  • One team from LLA, CBLOL, PCS, and VCS

The MSI 2024 event will feature two double-elimination stages: the Play-In Stage and the Bracket Stage. This will give regions more opportunities, noted the publisher.

Teams qualified for MSI 2024


  • G2 Esports (First Seed)

  • Fnatic (Second Seed)


  • Gen.G (First Seed)

  • T1 (Second Seed)


  • BLG (First Seed)

  • Top Esports (Second Seed)


  • Team Liquid (First Seed)

  • FlyQuest (Second Seed)

The minor region representatives are as follows:

  • PSG Talon (PCS)

  • GAM Esports (VCS)

  • ⁠Estral Esports (LLA)


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