Live audience at  CBLOL events should now produce proof of vaccination



All Players at Brazilian Valorant, Wild Rift, CBLOL Events Will Reportedly Require COVID-19 Vaccines

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games will now reportedly require proof of vaccination from players, coaches, support staff, and audience for participating in its in-person Brazilian events
The company is keeping close tabs on the pandemic situation and will continue with its original plan of in-person events as of now
The announcement comes at a time when former KRÜ Esports coach Rodrigo "Onur" Dalmagro found himself mired in a controversy about vaccine passports

Riot Games will now require proof of COVID-19 vaccination from all players, coaches, and support staff who intend to participate in person at all its tournaments and events scheduled in Brazil, according to a report by ge globo. Riot has reportedly mandated that all participants in its Brazilian events, including a live audience for the League of Legends tournament, should have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with either two doses or one dose depending on the manufacturer, and produce the necessary proof of vaccination.

Brazilian in-person events that need proof of vaccination

Riot events across all of its titles such as the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLOL), Valorant Challengers Brazil, and Wild Rift’s Wild Tour Brazil will now need to follow the guidelines, as per the report. Since CBLOL is scheduled to have a live audience at the studio, Riot has mandated that spectators must also produce proof of vaccination before entering the venue.

The company revealed its intention of moving forward with in-person events with Covid-appropriate rules in place, but also noted that it was overseeing the situation around the spread of the Omicron variant. This decision could change depending on how the pandemic situation pans out, it clarified.

“The audience allowed for the CBLOL event will be fewer than the maximum capacity of the studio in order to ensure social distance between people,” Riot told ge globo. The company added that it would release more information about ticket sales shortly.

Timing around the new rule for producing vaccination proof

The company’s announcement about proof of vaccination follows the controversy surrounding Argentine Valorant coach Rodrigo "Onur" Dalmagro. The former KRÜ Esports coach, who is currently facing deportation, lost an opportunity to coach Brazilian organization LOUD Esports after he took to Twitter to announce his stance on vaccination passports, sparking a debate in the Valorant community.

Onur also clarified that the organization was fully aware that he was unvaccinated, but allegedly took a different path after the outrage on social media. Onur also noted that he was not against vaccines but was against the concept of vaccine passports.

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