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All Map Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence

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World's Edge is receiving some of the biggest changes since launch with the arrival of Apex Legends Season 10.
Multiple points of interest (POIs) are being changed in favor of faster-paced gameplay and rotations.
Respawn is also adding gondolas for easier travel around some of the new locations.

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence’s trailer just dropped and it showed off what’s in store for fans. The biggest highlight of the upcoming season aside the new lergend and weapon is the World’s Edge update. The map from Season 3 is receiving major changes in the upcoming season with some of the most iconic points of interests (POIs) being changed as part of the upcoming update. The new map changes will go live on 3rd August as part of Apex Legends Season 10. Players will be able to experience the latest iteration of the map throughout the season in Duos and Trios as well as the game’s ranked mode in one of the two splits.

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence World’s Edge changes

Refinery > Climatizer

Apex Legends Season 10 Climatizer

The Refinery has now been wiped out by a molten lava fissure and replaced with a much bigger POI called Climatizer. The idea here is that Hammond has constructed massive cloud seeding towers to cool down World’s Edge, and this new POI features the necessary equipment. The new POI is much larger than Refinery was. Accordingly, the Climatizer supports a lot more teams and provides them with much more loot to fight over compared to the existing iteration of World's Edge.

Fissure > Fissure Extension

Apex Legends Season 10 Fissure Extension

The Fissure area of World’s Edge is being extended all the way through Refinery and Epicenter. The main difference with the crack in the north is that it does not have the updraft air lift mechanic. Instead, it is traversable like all the other lava in the map and inflicts damage to the player if stepped on. The new crack also will introduce more meaningful decision-making while rotating in the north, as well as create distinct combat chokes.

Sorting Factory > Lava Siphon

Apex Legends Season 10 Lava Siphon

Sorting Factory has been swallowed up by a massive sinkhole and replaced with a big POI called Lava Siphon. Hammond has constructed a facility to pump out the lava from the sinkhole and maintain the lava levels throughout World's Edge. The large lava Siphon building embedded into the mountain might offer a lot of interesting close-encounter fights and also introduces a new additional rotation entrance/exit to the existing train track tunnel behind.

Train Yard > Landslide

Apex Legends Season 10 Landslide

Train Yard is being replaced by Landslide as part of Apex Legends Season 10. The layout has been simplified to bring more clarity to combat encounters and minimize the number of structures for teams to hold. Landslide is still considered a POI on the map and contains almost the same amount of loot as Train Yard did, but it’s a bit more scattered and spread out.

Other Changes

Apex Legends Season 10

Climate: World’s Edge will showcase a brighter, more neutral time of day with a colder look overall. A seasonal change will also be present but Respawn is yet to showcase it in details.

Gondolas: Respawn is introducing moving gondolas in two of the new POIs, Climatizer, and Lava Siphon. These moving gondola carts will provide a confined safe passageway for you and your squad across the threatening lava and the POIs.

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