EA announced that the ALGS Year 3 circuit will be making a return in October


ALGS Year 3: Prize Pool, LAN Events & New Format Explained

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EA made exciting announcements about Apex Legends esports & the ALGS Year 3 circuit.
ALGS Year 3 will feature three LANs and a $5 Million USD prize pool.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 was one of the biggest Apex Legends esports events and set a new high for the scene. Electronic Arts (EA) announced the return of ALGS Year 3 in early October. The event will include a $5 Million USD prize pool and will feature three international LANs. Notably, EA has also made significant changes from last year’s competition.

EA wrote, “Coming off of Year 2, the team has made some exciting updates to make this the best year yet for the ALGS.

Everything you need to know about the ALGS Year 3

According to EA, the prize pool will be split across the five regions and remains unchanged from the Year 2 reward. This comprises the prizes to be distributed at Split 1 and 2 playoffs to be held on LAN and the ALGS Championship 2023.

The tentative schedule says the preseason qualifiers will be held online and they begin in October. Following this teams will play the Split 1 Pro League Online and the top teams will play the Split 1 Playoffs on LAN in the winter of 2023. After this, Split 2 Pro League will be online between March and April 2023 and the Split 2 Playoffs will be held in Spring 2023. The ALGS Year 3 will conclude with the ALGS Championship in the Summer of 2023.

ALGS Year 3 schedule

Likewise, EA also announced changes to the Challenger Circuit. It wrote, “Another enhancement to Year 3 is that the winning team from each Challenger Circuit competition will automatically qualify for the Split 2 Pro League Qualifier or the Last Chance Qualifier, depending on the Split.

Notably, EA has reduced the size of each region’s Pro League to thirty teams to ensure the absolute highest level of competition. Twenty-two teams (in each region) have already received direct invites and eight teams (in each region) will make the Pro League from the preseason qualifier.

Registration for the Preseason Qualifiers is open now at playapex.com/algs.

Teams will now play a Regional Finals on the last day of each regular season Pro League split. EA called it “ecosystem enhancements designed to drive deeper engagement amongst both players and fans.

How will the Pro League in ALGS Year 3 work?

In North America (NA), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific North (APAC N), 10 teams will qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs, including the winner of the Regional Finals and the top nine teams ranked by Regular Season points.

In South Asia (SA) and APAC South, five teams will qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs, including the winner of the Regional Finals and the top four teams ranked by Regular Season points.

EA also noted that the regional slot distribution in Split 2 Playoffs will be determined by Split 1 Playoffs performance. “At the end of the Split 1 Pro League Regular Season, the bottom eight teams in each region will be relegated to the Split 2 Pro League Qualifier, where they will battle against top-performing Challenger Circuit teams for a spot in the Split 2 Pro League.

Notably, following Split 2 Playoffs, if a Pro League team has not qualified for the ALGS Championship, it will participate in the Last Chance Qualifier.

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