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ALGS Championship: Day 1 Recap - Mad Maggie and Seer Break Into the Meta

Abhimannu Das
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Mad Maggie and Seer were two legends who unexpectedly broke into the meta.
Seer is capable of tracking down opponents without needing to rely on abilities while Mad Maggie is is one of the better counters to Gibraltar.
OpTic Gaming is currently in the lead as we head to the winner's and loser's brackets of the ALGS championship.

Apex Legends Global Series’ (ALGS) championship kicked off in Raleigh, North Carolina, and a lot of teams made dents in the meta of Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Ash/Wraith. Seer and Mad Maggie, two legends who have rarely seen any competitive play, were used by some teams who found success with the underrated legends. Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen had previously talked about how Seer is better than Bloodhound in a recent livestream, and it was interesting to see underused legends break into the competitive meta.

ALGS Championship Day 1 Standings

The top 20 teams in the ALGS Championship Group Stage will advance to the Winner’s Bracket while the bottom 20 teams will compete in the Loser’s Bracket. After the loser’s bracket and winner’s bracket take place, the grand final will commence on 11th July.

Why Seer and Mad Maggie Broke Into the Meta

Furia’s Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin, who maintained #1 Predator last split, popularized Seer in North America with one of his teammates playing Mad Maggie. ImperialHal was also competing for the number one spot and started trying out the Seer-Maggie combo and found it to be highly effective.

Seer is capable of finding rats and gaining intel on enemy positioning without even needing to use an ability. All he needs to do is aim down sights and it gives him information about enemy whereabouts. Mad Maggie on the other hand has a very aggressive kit allowing her to stun multiple enemies with her ultimate and draw enemies out of cover with her tactical.

OpTic Gaming dominated day one thanks to William "SkittleCakes" August as he and his teammates confidently wiped team after team in their matches. Other popular teams like DarkZero (formerly Reignite), TSM and NRG have also qualified for the winner’s bracket which will take place later this week as we get closer to the grand finals.

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