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After Years Of Wait, Riot Games Confirms Train Conductor Ornn Skin

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games is finally making one of the most requested skins of all time: Train Conductor Ornn.
This skin was conceptualized years ago by the community and it was confirmed by Riot Games on 17th March on the LCS broadcast.

Riot Games celebrates April Fools' Day every year to entertain its players. In League of Legends, players are treated to featured game modes and new, funny skins. Inside the game, it is also called Urf Day, a special day dedicated to Urf the Manatee, a League of Legends icon. April Fools' Day champion skins have been released for numerous favorites since 2009. Riot Games, on 17th March, confirmed the next skin to potentially fall under this category and it is the long-requested Train Conductor Ornn skin.

Captain Flowers Reacts to Train Conductor Ornn Premiere

Train Conductor Ornn was conceptualized by the community many years back and has been a much-requested one. This was confirmed officially by Riot Games on 17th March in an exclusive premiere during the broadcast of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) playoff match between Team Liquid and Dignitas.

Over the years, players have been using various third party applications to use this custom skin while playing Ornn. However, they do not have to do that anymore as Train Conductor Ornn is finally a reality.

A few years back, LCS caster Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines narrated the concept of a similar skin (Trucker Ornn) on broadcast and as a result, Riot Games let him react to the official unveil of the Train Conductor Ornn skin live. Commenting on this wholesome interaction, League of Legends streamer I Keep It Taco said, "Seeing Captain Flowers’ reaction to Train Conductor Ornn is like watching a kid get excited opening his Christmas presents. the amount of pure joy man it’s so wholesome."

The skin's Public Beta Environment (PBE) has already garnered positive reaction from the fans and players. In this skin, Ornn can be seen wearing a train conductor uniform coupled with a striped hat and overalls. In his hand, he wields a red wrench instead of his infamous hammer. The most unique animation of the skin is that he summons a train that he rides on the rails into a portal when recalling back to base.

While Riot Games officially previewed Train Conductor Ornn, it did not reveal when the skin would go live on the servers. Although the preview made it seem like it is polished and is ready to be shipped out. As mentioned earlier, it is highly possible that this skin is associated with the April Fools' skins. If that's the case, then players can likely look out for the release of Train Conductor Ornn along with LoL Patch 14.7.

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