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  • Reddit user “JustaRandom0” posted a funny video about a bug with Valkyrie's ultimate on the Apex Legends subreddit.
  • The bug is causing players to glitch through the map and even fall through it.
  • A Respawn developer responded to another Reddit post about a similar bug saying they were fixing the issue.

Apex Legends Season 9 went live on May 4 with a blast-off and a few hiccups. Players are now reporting bugs with Valkyrie’s ultimate which are causing players to glitch through the map, and sometimes fall through entirely. Reddit user “JustaRandom0” posted a funny video about a Valkyrie ultimate bug interacting with Revenant's ultimate on the Apex Legends subreddit two days ago. User “CurleyBruh” also posted a video of a similar Valkyrie ultimate bug while interacting with terrain on the subreddit sometime later. A Respawn Entertainment developer later responded on CurleyBruh’s thread saying they were looking into the bug and will be fixing it.

Valkyrie ultimate bug interaction glitch

The player was in a trio squad game as Revenant with Valkyrie and Bangalore. He puts down a Death Totem (ultimate) and all three players pick it up as Valkyrie uses Skyward Dive to jetpack them all out of the area. However, things don’t go as planned and all the players start glitching into the ground.

A video of a similar bug was posed by CurleyBruh a few hours later. As the Valkyrie uses her ultimate, the Octane gets left behind as he hits the side of the Fight Night Boxing Ring and breaks his tether to go into a free fall. He is eventually thrown through the map. 

Lead Game Designer at Respawn Daniel Klein responded on CurleyBruh’s post saying that they will be fixing the Valkyrie ultimate bug. 

[Watch] Apex Legends Funny Valkyrie Ultimate Bug
A Respawn developer took note of the bug. | Source: Reddit / CurleyBruh

Despite the bugs, the new legend has been a welcome addition to Apex Legends, giving players opportunities to explore innovative new combos. Currently, Valkyrie players cannot use their ultimate indoors as they get a message saying ‘needs more vertical clearance’ but it seems Repsawn still needs to work out issues related to these interactions. While there is no confirmed time of when they would be fixing the valkyrie ultimate bug, Respawn has taken note of the issue.

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