Samurai Esports Officially Launches Valorant Roster and Content Creator Team

Samurai Esports Officially Launches Valorant Roster and Content Creator Team

Abhimannu Das
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  • Samurai Esports, officially announced its entry into competitive Valorant and content creation at an event in Mumbai, India.
  • The organization has also signed multiple content creators who will be working with Samurai Esports.
  • The organization seeks to delve into more esports categories over the next five years and sign more players for other games.

Samurai Esports officially announced its entry into competitive Valorant and content creation on March 24th, 2021. The organization hosted an event in Mumbai, India, to introduce its Valorant roster and content creators. Samurai Esports revealed that the organization would mentor and guide the Valorant roster and prepare the team for future esports tournaments. The team features prominent Valorant players from India, including Rex, Whimp, Psy, Harsh, and Blackhawk. The content creation team includes Mahek Syed, Saloni Pawar, Shobhit Rai, and Nikhil Sirohi. Samurai Esports has a 5-year plan for esports and content creation and seeks to become a major player in the Indian esports scene. 

Samurai Esports Overview 

The team is owned by Atif Kazi, who was present at the event along with the full team and content creators. Samurai Esports has appointed Premal Mehta as the CEO to oversee the operations of the team. The Valorant roster of the organization features: 

  • Simar 'Psy' Sethi (Captain)
  • Tejas ‘Rexy’ Kotian
  • Harsh ‘Harshhh’ Arora
  • Shailesh 'blackhawk' Dalvi
  • Saaransh ‘Whimp’ Dang

Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi started his career in esports back in 2015 as a CS:GO professional and has represented India in various competitions at the national and international level. All players in the squad have prior competitive experience and will be looking to make their presence felt in the Indian Valorant scene. 

The content creation team features: 

  • Nikhil Sirohi 
  • Mahek Syed 
  • Saloni Pawar 
  • Shobhit Rai 

The organization seeks to make its presence felt not just in India but in international esports. Samurai Esports owner Atif Kazi revealed at the event, “My passion for eGaming has led me to create Samurai eSports and open up avenues and streams that is just the beginning for many aspiring eGamers. Our company will ensure that they are supported with the right kind of training modules that will help them ace not only their game but also will give them an opportunity to compete at national and international levels representing Samurai eSports.”

CEO Premal Mehta revealed, “Samurai Esports is here to not only support young gaming talent. As a bootstrapped company, we have invested from scouting the right gaming talent to content creators to a robust production team. These teams will ensure in helping us achieve our 5-year plans, which is to create more noteworthy teams across various formats of eGaming.”

Samurai Esports has revealed that it seeks to build more teams in other esports over the next five years. The organization is just getting started at breaking into Indian and international esports. 

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