The 10 Best Overwatch Workshop Codes You Need to Try in 2021


The 10 Best Overwatch Workshop Codes You Need to Try in 2021

Abhimannu Das
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  • Here are the 10 10 best Overwatch workshop codes that you can use to play with friends or other online players when you want to take a break from competitive.
  • You can also create your own workshop game modes and share them with other players if you want to get creative.
  • The codes work on all platforms and can be saved to your account if you want to play them in the future.

The best Overwatch workshop codes can really offer crazy experiences that quickplay or competitive cannot. Since its release in 2016, Blizzard’s popular hero shooter has been one of  the most successful FPS titles but it lacked custom game modes at release. After three years of waiting, fans finally got their hands on custom games and were sharing the best Overwatch workshop codes everywhere. Whether you want to warm up for ranked play or want to have fun with friends, here are the 10 best Overwatch workshop codes you need to try in 2021. 

About Overwatch Workshop

Overwatch Workshop is an in-game feature that allows you to edit any aspect of the game and create fun game modes. The feature is available on all platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is copy the codes mentioned in our article and paste them in the Workshop menu to play them. There is no setup needed and you do not need to tinker with any of the in-game settings. You can either play with these codes with your friends or wait for online players to join you. 


This is one of the best overwatch workshop codes to play with your friends when you have fun with friends. The goal is to stay in the air as long as possible as touching the ground means instant death for you. The person who manages to maintain the most air time wins the game. It is simple and you can set custom party sizes with ease. 


Love watching bumper cars in amusement parks? DVA’s Bumperkart puts you in an arena where everyone gets to play DVA with no booster cooldown. The goal is to push other players out of the arena. It can get very frantic and offers endless fun in the workshop with friends. 


Hate Pharah and Echo’s aerial manoeuvrability? Do you wish every character could fly in the air? This is the game mode to play. Every character in the game gets infinite airtime and you can move around very easily as if you’re flying a chopper. Nothing is scarier than a flying Bastion melting everything in existence in turret form with perfect in-air accuracy!


Do you love tea-bagging your opponents to assert dominance? This is going to become the best Overwatch workshop code you will ever try. It lets you kill opponents by tea-bagging them. The catch is you have to Sleep Dart them as Ana first. You will be locked into playing Ana and to secure a kill you or your teammates need to put someone to sleep and tea-bag them to instantly kill them. 


You may have mastered Overwatch’s 900 IQ hamster in competitive but do you have what it takes to be the fastest Hammond in the west? This Overwatch workshop code lets you compete against 11 other players in a race across the streets of Numbani. It is a change of pace from the usual Lucio racing workshop codes that we have all tried way too many times. 


Miss playing Flappy Bird? Flappy Pharah lets you recreate the once popular mobile game inside Overwatch. It is one of the best Overwatch workshop codes if you are a solo player. You get to play as Pharah and it is your job to manage your jetpack fuel to go through obstacles without dying. Unlike Flappy Bird, this version of the game is 3D which can make things a little trickier than usual if you are trying to avoid objects. 


An Overwatch battle royale mode would be great but leave it up to the fans to create a battle royale of their own. While the maps in Overwatch might not be as big as what Apex Legends or PUBG might offer, it’s still fun enough with friends to mess around in. There are only three rounds and if you don’t get kills fast enough, you will get slower as the rounds progress. 


The Unbannable Aimbot is one of the best Overwatch workshop codes to play around with. If you want to see what aimbotting feels like but you don’t want to actually cheat, this is a great place to safely try out an actual in-game aimbot built within the workshop. Aim-assist gets cranked up to maximum and your reticle will automatically place itself on targets to get easy headshots. Needless to say, you will not get banned for playing this game mode. 


Do you miss the era when Valve actually made games? Portal Guns is one of the best Overwatch workshop codes for Portal fans. It converts Symmetra’s teleportation abilities into her gun, allowing her to shoot rifts wherever you want. The gateways preserve momentum so you can chain your movement from one portal to another without slowing down. Even if you do not have anyone to play with, it is one of the most fun game modes to play on your own. 

1. CS:GO GUN GAME -  9655A

Gun game is a popular game mode that originated in Call of Duty. Even Valorant introduced it as Escalation in a recent limited-time event but we don’t quite have anything similar in Overwatch. However, you can use the code to re-create the mode within Blizzard’s shooter. You have to race against other players and get a kill with every hero in the game to win. It is one of the most fun workshop modes within the game and definitely worth a try with your friends or other online players. 

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