Valorant Escalation Mode: New Game Mode Leaked

Abhimannu Das
16/Feb/2021 06:46 am

Valorant's Escalation Mode is an upcoming game mode that will mimic Gun Game from other popular FPS titles.
There are a total of 12 Escalation levels that a team needs to clear to win the matches.
The mode will be restricted to 10 minutes to ensure matches are fast-paced and retain Valorant's intensity.

Valorant is set to introduce its second-ever limited-time mode after the successful Christmas snowball fight. Valorant Escalation Mode is set to introduce new mechanics that retains the game’s fast-paced action, and it will be available in-game very soon for fans. The upcoming Valorant Escalation mode is very similar to Gun Game from other FPS titles that you may have played. It will feature the usual 5v5 gameplay, but you will have to advance through 12 different Escalation levels. To proceed to the next level, you will need to take out a certain number of enemies, and each new level you reach will award you with a new weapon or ability. Once you get the required kills with the final weapon, you will win the match. 

How Does Valorant Escalation Mode Work? 

The objective is to clear all 12 levels in Valorant’s Escalation Mode LTM. To ensure games end quickly, there will be a 10-minute timer. The team that clears all 12 levels or reaches the highest level within 10 minutes will be granted a win. Teams need to earn 7 points to proceed to the next levels, and here is how the points system works: 

  • Kills Against Enemies in Current Escalation Level: 1 point 
  • Kills against Enemies in A Previous Escalation Level: 0.5 points 

Each player will have an individual weapon that they need to level up. Even if a squad proceeds to the next Escalation level, individual players will have to upgrade their weapons. All players can use only the basic abilities, with operator abilities being disabled in the upcoming game mode. Each level will unlock an ability or weapon for players. Respawns are very quick with a 5-second immunity phase to avoid spawn killing. 

Matches will always begin the same way, with players getting Raze’s Rocket Launcher or a standard Vandal or Phantom. Level 2 will always include a Vandal or Phantom, but from Level 3 onwards, randomness kicks in, and players are awarded a random weapon. 

Valorant Escalation Mode Release Date

There is currently no word on when Valorant’s Escalation Mode will go live, but the community expects the mode to go live when Episode 2 of Act 2 drops on March 2. It could also be bundled with a different event. This is the second time that Valorant is adding a limited-time mode to the game, and it is a good change of pace from the standard 5v5 gameplay and Deathmatch modes. 

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