Best New Valorant Skins: What Should You Spend Your Valorant Points on?


Best New Valorant Skins: What Should You Spend Your Valorant Points on?

Abhimannu Das
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  • We take a look at some of the best skins in Valorant that released in the past few months including the Act 2 offerings.
  • Riot has done a great job with the new Act 2 battle pass which features better skins than what we received in Act 1.
  • The new Glitchpop 2.0 bundle is by far the best set of skins we have received lately and it complements the previous Glitchpop set well.

The best new skins in Valorant can help you step up your fashion game as you kill your opponents in style. Riot has put out a lot of amazing cosmetics since the beta, but Valorant received some of its best new skins towards the end of 2020 that you may have missed out on. The Act 2 skins are very appealing and it’s great to see Riot stepping up its cosmetics from its underwhelming Act 1 battle pass offerings. The popular Glitchpop skins that were quite popular last year got a reboot with four new skins being added to the collection. If you are looking for the best new skins in Valorant to spend your VP on, here are our rankings for recent cosmetic bundles that you should check out. 

4. Hivemind and POLYfox

Hivemind skins from Act 2.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Price: 1,000 VP ($10) for Act 2 Battle Pass

What you get: There are five Hivemind skins and four POLYfox skins that you can grab if you level up your Act 2 battle pass. 

Act 2’s battle pass offers some of the best new skins in Valorant that you can grab for as little as 1000 VP. While the previous battle pass may have been less than desirable for many players, Riot did a brilliant job with the new offerings. Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino said in a press release “In general, we had a lot more fun developing this Battle Pass because it feels more real — as if we’re developing the pass with the community — and it helps that we’re slowly getting better at designing the content, too."

3. Glitchpop 2.0 

The new Glitchpop 2.0 skins complement the previous collection well.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Price: 2,175 VP ($20) for individual skins and 8,700 VP ($85) for the bundle. 

What you get: Skins for Phantom, Classic, Vandal, Operator, Melee and other cosmetics with the bundle. 

The new Glitchpop 2.0 bundle is a follow-up to the original Glitchpop bundle which was very popular. These are among the best new skins in Valoran that you can pick up for 8,700VP if you want to get the full bundle or you can also grab one of the skins individually for your favourite weapons. The cyberpunk theme and neon colours pop out quite well in-game and are highly recommended. 

2. Valorant Run It Back Bundle 

The Run it Back Bundle is great value for money if you missed out on these cool limited-time skins.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Price: 1,775VP ($18) for individual skins and 5,936 VP ($60) for the bundle. 

What you get: Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Spectre, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator skins. 

The Run Its Back bundle is the best way to get some of the best new skins in Valorant released over the past few months at a discount. While it doesn’t include some of the more premium collections like Elderflame and Singularity, the Run It Back bundle is quite an attractive deal if you are a fan of the skins on offer. 

1. Valorant BlastX Bundle

The BlastX bundle offers a nostalgia trip like no other.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Price: 2,175 VP ($20) for individual skins and 8,700 VP ($85) for the bundle.

What you get: Skins for Frency, Phantom, Odin, Spectre, Melee and other cosmetics with the bundle.

The Valorant BlastX bundle features guns with unique animations and kill sounds that mimic 90s toys. Riot teased the skins throughout the First Strike event and the skins were well received by the community. The skins are set apart from the rest of Riot's offerings by a sense of nostalgia that a lot of players can relate to. 

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