Valorant Blastx Skin Bundle Goes on Sale In-Game

Abhimannu Das
24/Dec/2020 08:57 am

The new Valorant BlastX Bundle is now available for purchase for roughly $85.
You can also get the skins individually instead of grabbing the entire bundle.
The skins are not available in the Night Market yet but will be added to the rotation in the coming months.

Riot Games has been teasing us with their Valorant BlastX skin collection for weeks, and we finally have the skins available for purchase from the in-game store. The new bundle features skins that have a 90s aesthetic and look like toys. Each skin has its unique kill animation and sound effects that add a feeling of nostalgia to your gameplay. If you want to grab the entire bundle, it will cost you 8,700 Valorant Points, which will set you back by around $85. 

What Does the Valorant BlastX Bundle Include?

Here are all the items you receive if you purchase the complete Valorant BlastX bundle for roughly $85. If you want to get the skins individually and do not want to grab all skins, here are the prices below. 

  • BlastX Frenzy: 2,175 VP
  • BlastX Phantom: 2,175 VP
  • BlastX Odin: 2,175 VP
  • BlastX Spectre: 2,175 VP
  • BlastX Melee: 4,350VP
  • BlastX Spray: 325 VP

The skins are much cheaper if you get all of them in a bundle, but if you do not want to spend 8700 Valorant Points on a single bundle, you can get the individual skins you want. As always, the melee skins are the most expensive as your melee weapon is always available in-game every round. 

All the skins have unique animations and kill sounds, making them stand out from the rest of the skins we have access to. You can choose to hold out on a purchase and grab them down the line when they are available via the Night Market. 

When Will The Valorant BlastX Bundle Be Available In The Night Market?

Valorant BlastXThe new skins will be available in the Night Market in the coming months. Image by Riot Games

Valorant BlastX skins will not be available in the Night Market immediately for players. Currently, we have access to mostly old skins that were released months ago on the Night Market. The new skins will be available sometime in the coming months, and you can grab them later at a discount. Even if the skins do not show up in your Night Market when they are added to the loot pool, you can wait until you get lucky.

Riot Games is aware that the Night Market's current iteration is too luck dependant and might change how it works by allowing players to roll the skin drops with radianite. We recommend saving your radianite to re-roll your drops and get access to your favorite skins at discounted prices.

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