Sjokz Shuts Down Haters Downplaying Her Game Awards Win

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  • Sjokz shut down trolls and haters who claimed she did not deserve to win at The Game Awards 2020.
  • She explained on stream how she worked hard for 10 years and her win has nothing to do with her gender.
  • The host was part of LEC and Worlds 2020 and contributed greatly to the events' success in partnership with Riot Games.

Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere is a popular League of Legends host and was instrumental in this year’s Worlds 2020’s success. The esports event received multiple awards, and she earned the title of Best Esports Host yesterday at The Game Awards. But after the win, she was trolled by people in her Twitch chat who claimed that she succeeded because she is a woman.

What Went Down at Sjokz’s Twitch Channel

Sjokz Shuts Down Haters Downplaying Her Game Awards Win
Sjokz at Blast Premier 2020. Image by Blast Premier

Sjokz is one of the most famous figures in the League of Legends esports community, and she was nominated for The Game Awards this year following the success of League of Legends as an esport and Worlds 2020. Shows like The Game Awards often leave critics and fans split in opinions because fan voting only contributes to a small percentage of the decision making. Recent decisions like naming The Last of Us II led to some heated arguments online, and her win was no exception.

The host was part of the League esports community this year throughout the 2020 LEC season and the Worlds Championship. As soon as it was announced that she won the award this year, some fans lashed out at her. In a recent Twitch stream, she talked about how she is continuously targeted by trolls and haters and said, “There are always people that say “you only made it because you’re a woman.” The fact is, it’s just not true. I’m awesome, I work my ass off, and it’s sometimes very, very difficult.”

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Sjokz went on to highlight some of her achievements in the esports industry. She speaks five languages and holds two master's degrees. She has been one of the pioneers in the esports industry as a host and has ten years of experience. She believes that she deserved this award.

She said that she is not afraid of the backlash for speaking boldly about her achievements. Her female colleagues in the esports industry often have inhibitions and care about the backlash, and she thinks it is unfair. There were multiple people on Twitch trying to troll Sjokz, but most League of Legends fans have a favorable opinion of her. They showed support for her with kind words and have been supportive of the host during events in the past. Later, she went on to Twitter and apologized for having an “unfiltered” moment and going a bit overboard when talking about her achievements.

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