What Are The Best Lineups for Valorant’s Icebox Map?


What Are The Best Lineups for Valorant’s Icebox Map?

Abhimannu Das
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  • Riot Games posted some neat lineups for players to try out in Valorant's new Icebox map.
  • The lineups focus heavily on ability usage to deny opponents space when attacking or defending.
  • Icebox is now available to use in competitive play at pro level tournaments.

Riot Games posted some of the most useful lineups that players can utilize in Icebox. There is a lot of emphasis on vertical gameplay in Icebox which makes it different from other maps in Valorant. Players have struggled to adjust to the new map, so Riot decided to push out a few lineups to make use of that you should check out. 

How to Play on Icebox in Valorant

The new focus on vertical gameplay in Valorant’s new Icebox map means that players need to make use of abilities a lot more. It makes Sova players extremely valuable as they can fire darts from the attacker’s spawn and the darts will ricochet off a boat in the map and land right at B. It is an advanced tech that players should make use of as it can help you capture B site conveniently.

Valorant players can also take advantage of the crane located above the B site. Brimstone can angle Molly a certain way which will bounce the ability off the crane and land directly on B site. Anyone on B who is disarming the spike will have to retreat momentarily, and it buys attacker’s some time in clutch situations.

Abilities play a crucial role when it comes to map control in Valorant.
Image by Riot Games

Viper players can also leverage the map, especially on A site. Riot recommends using her wall while standing on a marked spot they showed in their latest guide. You can throw her poison cloud from the spot at a snowman sticker, and it can block the enemy team from advancing completely.

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Viper's abilities can give you the tactical advantage you need.
Image by Riot Games

The final lineup showed off a neat trick that lets Valorant players cover a planted Spike on A site when using Killjoy or Brimstone. Players need to plant the bomb at A and take advantage of the elevation above the pipes on the site. Killjoy’s swarm grenades or Brimstone’s Molly can be used to defend A and prevent the Spike from being defused. Sova can bounce off a Shock Dart on the elevated area for some crowd control as well.

These are just some of the possible lineups Riot Games showed off that you can try out on Valorant’s Icebox map. There are other neat tricks and interactions that you can figure out on your own. Icebox was recently added to the map rotation in Valorant’s First Strike event, and we can definitely expect to see such lineups being taken advantage of at the pro level.

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