Fortnite Announces $1 Million Marvel Super Cup


Fortnite Announces $1 Million Marvel Super Cup

Abhimannu Das
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  • Fortnite announced a $1 million prize pool for its upcoming weekend tournament in partnership with Marvel.
  • The grand finals will feature winners from the Venom, Black Widow, Iron Man and Ghost Rider Cups.
  • The event will be broadcast live on the official Fortnite YouTube and Twitch channels on Saturday, November 21st.

Fortnite revealed details for the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series Cup, which will feature a total prize pool of $1 Million USD. Preliminary rounds for qualification are almost over with the last qualifier taking place today in-game. The Super Series Cup is an exciting take on Fortnite’s usual gameplay, which involves gunplay. Instead of the regular world drop weapons, players will get access to superhero abilities.

Marvel Venom Cup 

Participate in the Venom Super Cup for a chance to win the exclusive Venom skin.
Image by Epic Games

The Super Cup will make use of the kill race format, which is popular in casual tournaments in battle royale games. Players will have the opportunity to team up and try to get as many kills as possible in a limited amount of time. The teams that rake in the highest number of kills will qualify at the end of each round. There are four preliminary tournaments which will lead up to the finals with a grand prize of $1 million in the Super Cup.

Fortnite, in partnership with Marvel, announced a new Venom hero skin for each tournament. The previous preliminaries featured Black Widow, Iron Man and Ghost Rider. The winners of each round got exclusive early access to the skins. The tournament is open to all players, and anyone can participate in-game as long as they have a level 30 or higher account. Winners of the final preliminary will be eligible to compete in the $1 million Super Cup on November 21st. The start times vary from region to region, so be sure to check the in-game menu to see the registration details.

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Fortnite Marvel Super Series Cup

Winners of the four preliminary rounds will make will compete for $1 million this weekend.
Image by Epic Games

The final tournament will feature teams from the previous preliminaries and today’s Venom Cup. All qualifying teams are granted early access to exclusive Marvel skins and will be able to compete for the grand prize of $1 million. The winners from each region will receive a cash prize between $2,500 to $4,000.

Unlike the previous Marvel Knockout deathmatch format, the Super Cup on November 21st will feature a duos mode with superpowers. Building material will also be restricted to a maximum of 200 materials being available in the inventory. Guns will not be available as drops, and players will have to rely on superpowers only. The move to reduce building material was implemented to allow more ability and superpower usage than make players rely on building mechanics.

Where to Watch

The event will be broadcast live on the official Fortnite YouTube and Twitch channels. You can check out the links below when the tournament goes live this weekend.



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