Riot Dev Confirms Indian VALORANT Servers to go Live Along With MENA

Riot Dev Confirms Indian VALORANT Servers to go Live Along With MENA

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Riot developer confirms that India and South Asia servers will be live at the same time as Bahrain.
  • The location of the India and South Asia dedicated servers has still not been officially announced.
  • Neither Riot Games nor VALORANT officially announced the arrival of India and South Asia servers.

The VALORANT Act III which is all set to release on 13th October bringing with it a lot of content upgrades like a whole new Battlepass, a new snow-covered map called 'Icebox', changes to the competitive matchmaking, a new weapon skin called 'Singularity', a new agent called ‘Skye’, and most importantly dedicated servers for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Among all these announced updates the developers did not mention any VALORANT servers going live for India and the South Asia region. However, it seems that dedicated servers for these regions will also be going live along with those in Bahrain according to a Reddit comment made by ‘u/ZealousApathy’ who is a Technical Director on VALORANT.

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India And South Asia VALORANT Servers To Go Live Along With MENA

In a Reddit thread discussing the new Bahrain servers which goes live on 14th October as part of VALORANT’s Act III in order to provide better ping and ideal networking conditions to the MENA region, ‘u/ZealousApathy’ who is a Technical Director on VALORANT was seen actively engaging with the community members and solving their queries.

While answering a question asking about an update on the Indian servers u/ZealousApathy replied by stating that “They'll be online at the same time as Bahrain, but India will stay in the Asia Pacific shard.”

If this statement is true this means that servers for India and South Asia region should be up and running at the same time the ones in Bahrain go active. It is still unclear though what it means to be a part of the “Asia Pacific shard”.

While this is some really big news for the players in the region, it is odd that such a massive point was not highlighted in the Act III patch notes released by VALORANT. The same grievance was put up by a few other users as well, who appreciated the efforts put in by the developers to provide the best infrastructure for the region but were curious to know why no official announcement was made by Riot Games.

A few users were of the opinion that no official announcement was made as part of the ‘Dev Diary’ because India is part of a pre-existing Asia Pacific shard whereas MENA is a new shard altogether. But personally, I feel that such a big announcement should have been made separately even if not a part of the ‘Dev Diary’ as VALORANT already has an ‘India & South Asia’ Twitter handle and making a simple post regarding this news would have been more than sufficient.

For the MENA region, the dedicated servers are located in Bahrain while a local office has also been set up in Dubai but for India and South Asia regions it has still not been officially announced where the dedicated servers will be located, though in a previous statement Mumbai was hinted as the most likely location.

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