Tims Faces Backlash from Mobile Legends Community

Tims Faces Backlash from Mobile Legends Community

Vignesh Raghuram
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TNC Predator’s support player Timothy John "Tims" Randrup is a popular figure amongst the Filipino Dota 2 fans. The player has been streaming regularly on his Facebook page, making it quite an enjoyable experience for his fans. Recently, however, Tims ran into a spot of controversy when he made a few comments about the mobile esports game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) which has caused quite a backlash in subsequent streams.

Tims’ Comments on MLBB

During one of Tims’ streams, the player stated that the number of Dota 2 players is diminishing because players are having a hard time with the game and that they want easier games like Mobile Legends.

Tims: The player count is slowly diminishing in Dota 2 because people are having a hard time playing.

Tims' Friend: Because they cannot keep up anymore(with the constant changes to the game)

Tims: Yes, many people want easier games... Like Mobile Legends.

At this point, Tims' Friend stated that he was being harsh with his comments. However, Tims stated that what he was saying was “legit” and that the skill difference between the two games was incomparable.

Tims: Also, do you call players who play Mobile Legends gamers? I won't call them gamers.

Tims' Friend: I don't know about that. You sound like Dr. Disrespect. He said the same thing.

In June 2019, popular streamer Dr. Disrespect made a Tweet where he had claimed that people who play video games on mobile phones are not real gamers. He has since apologized for those comments stating that it was just a “spur of the moment” thing. 

Tims Faces Backlash from Mobile Legends Community
Tims: They’re playing it on the cellphone right? Anybody can play it. Even grandmothers, there are grandmothers who play MLBB right?

The player also pointed out that the barrier for entry for Mobile Legends was far lower and that he can see kids as young as 5 years play the game. He also added that he even remembered a mother playing Mobile Legends while doing laundry. It was featured in a television show (in the Philippines)

The duo also claimed that the Dota 2 audience is more mature than the Mobile Legends audience.

Tims' Friend: Dota 2 players are more mature. That's why we do not fight (trashtalk) that much. In MLBB they (the fanbase) fight over small matters.

Tims: Because there are too many kids (in their fanbase)

Tims' Friend: That’s right. In Dota 2, things are different. You trash talk (insult) people through your skills. We destroy other players.

Tims and his friend also spoke about former TNC Predator players Raven and Kuku playing Mobile Legends.

Tims' Friend:  I remember Polo (Raven) playing Mobile Legends to make himself sleepy.

Tims: LOL to make himself sleepy.

Tims' Friend: Yes, he was my roommate right? When he was about to sleep, he played Mobile Legends. I asked him once "why are you playing MLBB?". “To make myself sleepy”, he said LOL. 

Kuku is playing Mobile Legends also right? 

Tims: Yes, but Kuku plays Mobile Legends because of his wife.

The two acknowledged that they would get some flak from the MLBB fans for these comments and that it would become a “Hot issue”, but stated that there was nothing wrong with what they had just said.

Tims Faces Backlash from Mobile Legends Community
Some of the reactions to Tims' comments
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Currently, many in the Filipino gaming community have expressed their displeasure with Tims’ comments. Many believe that all MOBA players are all gamers, regardless of what platform they use to play the games. A few in the community also asked Tims to be a little more open minded to the fact that not everyone can afford a PC and asked him to not bash MLBB players who play it on their cellphones.

All Translations via Graham Gaming (aka Oriel Declarador) and Ralph Olazo.

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