“It is a distraction, the amount of Chat,” says Dr DisRespect

Nutan Lele
6/Jun/2020 11:56 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Dr DisRespect

  • Dr DisRespect talks about how bad racism is in event chats.

Racism is an issue that has plagued the gaming community since the inception of multiplayer. While the problem has gained immense prominence over the last decade, another hurdle to climb is the rampant racism propagated by streamers and pro players who have massive influence over the community. Some have taken a resolute stance while others either abide by racist notions as an ‘act’ or choose to overlook it. 

Dr DisRespect is a streamer who has built a massive reputation thanks to a crude persona and decent gameplay. In this Twitch clip, we see him talk about the racism issue that is widespread within the Twitch chat. Often termed as the scraps at the bottom of the barrel, Twitch chat is a place that has seen a rather excessive amount of racism owing to racist notions that accompany certain emotes that get spammed. 

Dr DisRespect talks about how racism is prevalent everywhere saying “Microsoft briefings, Sony PlayStation reveal event etc., you see their chats are (sic) they are not moderated. I go there as a spectator, it is a distraction to see the amount of racism that happens in a chat that is unmoderated.” He continued, “I think these publishers and developers, they’ve got to step up. Get a grip of your chat, because it’s out of control. It’s just bad. We know it’s hard to regulate but we’ve got to come up with a solution”.

It is important for streamers to address the elephant in the room that plagues their platform. Keeping in mind that quite a lot of the new generation tuning in to games like Fortnite is impressionable, it is all the more important to give adequate attention to combat the same. 


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