North American Organization Noble Picks Up South Asian VALORANT Roster

North American Organization Noble Picks Up South Asian VALORANT Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • North American esports organization Noble picks up South Asian VALORANT roster.
  • This is the second VALORANT lineup picked up by the organization within a week.
  • The roster consists of four Indian and one Sri Lankan player.

North American esports organization Noble who stepped into VALORANT a few days back after signing an NA based roster has now expanded their reach to the South Asian region as well. It seems the organization has picked up four Indian players along with a Sri Lankan player as they announce their second VALORANT roster within a span of just one week.

The South Asian Noble VALORANT roster is as follows,

  • Simar “psy” Sethi [IGL]
  • Rahul "t1to" Sridhar
  • Tejas “Rexy” Kotian
  • Harsh "Harsh" Arora
  • Shakir “hikka” Razak

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Noble Picks Up South Asian VALORANT Roster

Noble perhaps is the first international organization to pick up a South Asian VALORANT roster and boy what an amazing lineup have they assembled consisting of both Indian and Sri Lankan players.

The most well-known and popular name on the roster has to be psy who is also the captain of the assembled team. Psy is a former Counter-Strike player who is very popular in India, the local legend has witnessed the scene grow and has played for some of the biggest esports organizations in the country. He spent a large part of his career playing for Entity Gaming both locally and internationally, he did spend the last few months playing for Global Esports before leaving the game behind and picking up VALORANT instead.

Following closely behind is the power duo of t1to and Rexy who have long played Counter-Strike together. Both the players are well known in India and have played at the highest level within the country. With most of the players shifting towards VALORANT both of them have also jumped ship and form a really good core along with psy.

The final two players are Harsh and hikka with the latter belonging to Sri Lanka. Both of them are former Counter-Strike players, Harsh has been actively seen playing for Team JHS while hikka used to play for Lowkey Esports. The Sri Lankan in particular has shown how good he is at VALORANT while playing for his former team ZeGG Esports, as he recently stood second in the ‘Top 10 MVP Standings’ for TEC Challenger Series VALORANT Tournament.

Hikka stands second just behind DeathmakerWe have reached out to both hikka and psy with a few questions pertaining to the announcement, if and when they reply the article will be updated with their responses.

Update 2: Both hikka and psy have responded giving us a bit more information about the future of the VALORANT roster. The team will be seen in action at the upcoming TEC Challenger Series 2 starting on 11th September and India Today League Valorant Cup starting from 12th September.

In a statement acquired by Owner of Noble - Kyle McDougal states that,

"One of the things we wanted to do was expand into South Asia because it is a huge market for Esports. We had the amazing opportunity to meet with Psy and we told him we would love to sign him and allow him to build a Valorant roster around him that will allow us to compete for titles. Velocity Gaming has dominated Valorant in South Asia for some time now, and we want to compete with them."

It is great to see an international organization like Noble take an interest in the South Asian region especially when there are multiple local tournaments lined up to take place through 2020. A few Southeast Asian tournaments might also have slots for South Asian teams going ahead which will further elevate the competition in the region.

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On paper the team looks solid and it seems to be a great pickup for Noble. At the time of writing this, Noble has not made any public announcements about the same via their social media channels. AFK Gaming has reached out to Noble esports for comment seeking verification.

Update: Since publishing the article Noble has put out a post on their Facebook page stating that they have officially signed psy to their VALORANT SA team and that the rest of the team will be announced soon.

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