Japanese Organizer Announces Biggest Asian VALORANT Event With $50k Prize Pool

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Aug/2020 04:34 pm
  • A.W Extreme Masters Asia VALORANT Invitational announced with $50,000 prize pool.
  • This is the biggest Asian VALORANT tournament that has been announced yet.
  • The organizer has claimed the direct involvement of Riot Games Korea and Japan.

VALORANT has been taking over Asia slowly as multiple small tournaments are taking place all across the region, but all the events organized so far have been locked within their own sub-regions like Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and more. Ash Winder Co. Ltd. which is a Japanese esports entertainment and tournament organizing company has taken the jump to announce a $50,000 VALORANT tournament called ‘A.W Extreme Masters Asia Invitational’.

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A.W Extreme Masters Asia VALORANT Invitational

The biggest VALORANT tournament to take place in Asia yet, with a massive prize pool of $50,000 is being organized by a Japanese esports company who claims that the event is officially confirmed by Riot Games. The first international Japanese VALORANT tournament will be a two-series event, comprising of a domestic Japanese qualifier followed by the main event which will be open to multiple Asian VALORANT teams.

Japanese Qualifier

The domestic event ‘A.W Extreme Masters Pro Invitational’ will be taking place from 31st August - 21st September with a prize pool of 1 million yen ($9392). A total of 16 Japanese VALORANT teams will be directly invited for the qualifier where they will face off against each other in a double-elimination bracket, only the top four teams will qualify on to the main event.

Every match will be a best-of-three match up except for the grand final which will witness a best-of-five series. Some of the best teams from the region can be expected to compete in this tournament making it the most packed VALORANT event yet.

More information about the qualifier like the distribution of the prize pool, teams invited for the tournament, streaming platforms, and the proper schedule will soon be revealed. The organizers claim that “Riot JP (Riot Games Japan) is also licensed for domestic hosting.”

Main Event

Apart from the total prize pool of the main event, the only other information currently available is that it will also be a 16 team event with 4 Japanese teams and 12 Asian teams. Most likely the Asian teams will be handed a direct invite for the tournament, comprising of teams from South Korea, Southeast Asia, and maybe even China.

It is very unlikely that teams from South Asia and the Middle East will be considered mainly due to ping disadvantage as the tournament will be taking place online. Other information like tournament date, schedule, broadcast platforms, and more will be announced at a later date.

As per the organizers, “Riot KR (Riot Games Korea) is in charge of Asia (main event) and has fully approved this tournament series.”

Despite not being a part of the ‘Ignition Series’ which will soon come to an end, this tournament is shaping up to be the biggest Asian VALORANT tournament that has been announced till date. Let’s see which teams are invited to the main event.

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