LoL Virtual Band K/DA’s new single, “THE BADDEST,” Goes Live

LoL Virtual Band K/DA’s new single, “THE BADDEST,” Goes Live

Nutan Lele
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  • Riot’s virtual K-pop band releases a follow up single to “POP/STARS” titled “THE BADDEST”.
  • (G)I-dle’s Soyeon and Miyeon, Bea Miller and Wolftyla will be collaborating later in the year to release an EP.

Two years after their official debut at the 2018 World Championship, League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group, K/DA has released yet another single. Their new song titled THE BADDEST” premiered today with a stream that peaked at over 250K views. The band will follow up the song with a debut EP sometime this year. (G)I-dle’s Soyeon and Miyeon, Bea Miller and Wolftyla all provided vocals. A few other artists are also rumoured to be featured on the EP. 

K/DA - The instant K-pop sensation

The group which consists of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa had teased the new single all week on K/DA’s new Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Tweets included a #PRERELEASEOUTFIT, indicating that Riot may release their second edition of K/DA skins for the champions. The pop group also has an EP in the works, produced by Riot Games Music label. However, the release date is currently unknown. 

"Ever since K/DA premiered their explosive track POP/STARS at the 2018 League of Legends World Championships, fans always ask what's next for the group," said Toa Dunn, head of Riot Games Music to ESPN. "We can't wait for everyone to hear the new track today, followed by the EP later in the year, which is packed with tons of surprises for League of Legends and K/DA fans to enjoy."

The release of “POP/STARS” made the band into an instant sensation. The song topped the Billboard’s U.S. World Digital Songs chart and currently has over 365 million views on YouTube. “POP/STARS” also managed to reach the top of iTunes (#1 K-Pop Chart, #2 Pop Chart), with 170 million streams.

Riot’s other musical ventures

Recently, Riot has been dropping subtle hints for a new champion called Seraphine. She is an ‘aspiring songwriter/producer that currently resides in Los Angeles and who has big dreams’ according to her Twitter, YouTube and Instagram handles. Seraphine tweets and shares posts like a regular person. She retweets inspirational quotes, shares her cover songs, and posts many pictures of her cat. Seraphine recently shared her version of K/DA’s hit song “POP/STARS,” she’s a big fan of the group, and the chances are she’ll be the newest addition to the band.

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