NODWIN Gaming Teases "Big Announcements" for VALORANT

NODWIN Gaming Teases "Big Announcements" for VALORANT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • NODWIN Gaming will be discussing VALORANT with an elite panel on the latest episode of 'Docu Series'.
  • The discussion will be broadcasted on MTV at 21:30 this Sunday.
  • Akshat Rathee has stated that some big announcements will be made on the show.

NODWIN Gaming will be turning its focus towards VALORANT the latest tactical shooter by Riot Games, as they have conversations on and around the game in the latest episode of their ‘Docu Series’ which is scheduled to air on 26th July at 21:30 IST on MTV.

The talk show will be hosted by Akshat Rathee (MD & Founder - NODWIN Gaming) who has stated that ‘some big announcements’ will be made during the broadcast which will comprise of an elite panel consisting of top regional Riot Games employees, along with other personalities who are a mix of gamers, streamers, influencers, and talents.


The latest free-to-play tactical first-person shooter by Riot Games has taken the world by storm and though the South Asian region has not initially received a dedicated server, it does not seem to have hindered the game from being enjoyed by a lot of gamers from the region. 

Currently, the majority of the South Asian player base is dependent on both the European and the Southeast Asian servers for playing the game. Though this might not be a challenge for gamers who have a decent fibre optic connection the same cannot be said for that portion of the player base that struggles because of high ping and latency issues.

Previously, Sukamal Pegu - Head of Publishing, India and South Asia at Riot Games had stated that “The official servers which will support the Middle East & South Asia will come later in the year”. Viewers will be eagerly looking forward to a discussion on this matter and other important issues impacting the game and its community as well.

The panel for the upcoming episode will consist of the following personalities,

  • Sukamal Pegu - Head of Publishing, India and South Asia at Riot Games
  • Luciano Rahal - PR & Communications Manager at Riot Games
  • Nimish Raut - India Lead at Fnatic
  • Shagufta Iqbal - Streamer & Content Creator
  • Ankit Panth - Streamer & Influencer

The discussion will feature as part of the latest episode of ‘Docu Series’ which is a part of ‘Esports Mania’ - an esports segment on MTV India encompassing four different kinds of programs all based around esports.

The conversations and discussions will be based on and around VALORANT and might touch upon a lot of things that are specific and important to the South Asian region.

It remains to be seen what big announcements are in store, apart from the servers coming to the region likely before the end of 2020 which was confirmed on July 21st.

Disclosure: NODWIN Gaming is a client of and a minority investor in AFK Gaming.

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