VALORANT New Agent Sneak Peak - Killjoy

VALORANT New Agent Sneak Peak - Killjoy

Shounak Sengupta
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One of the biggest titles to release in 2020 has been Riot’s VALORANT. The game has received much praise for being true to its genre while also massively improving performance. As of now, the game has four maps and eleven agents with plans for more in the future. The game has been structured into episodes which is further divided into Acts and new acts will see new content releases such as maps and agents. Episode 1, Act 2 is set to release on August 4 is rumored to launch a new agent known as Killjoy. 

Signs Which Point to the Release of Killjoy

While there has been no confirmation from Riot, the release of Killjoy is heavily rumored. There have been numerous signs pointing to this release as well. 

Easter Egg on Split

Image via Reddit

On one of the maps, Split, a cardboard cutout of a new character can be seen in the area known as the sneaker shop. It doesn’t show the character itself, but a silhouette. Beside it is also a poster with the number 4 written prominently. This could coincide with the release date which is August 4. 

Voicelines and Game Sounds

During a data mining exercise on the game files, voice lines related to the character were discovered. Additionally, sounds related to the character and his contraptions/abilities have also been found.

What do we know about Killjoy?

From the voice lines, a few facts can be gathered. Killjoy seems to be themed around being some sort of an engineer who has a flair for robots. One of the voicelines, said by the character Reyna, refers to robots and their maker. Game sounds and animations related to a turret have also been found which leads one to believe that Killjoy's abilities revolve around it. Another agent, Breach is also found with the voiceline 'Nerd' which is likely to refer to Killjoy. Cypher also refers to the new agent as a 'little engineer'. Another voiceline sees Reyna calling the new agent 'bright'; now whether this a part of his nerdy genius persona or refer to the fact that he has a flash in his arsenal is unknown. More rumours include features such as lasers, and an electric hammer. 

Image via Reddit

The other big release along with Act 2 will be the Oni skins, which are a set of Japanese art themed skins for guns. The skins are rumored to have levels and includes more effects and animations at higher levels. A data miner known as floxay also revealed that the price for the Oni skin bundle will be 7100 Valorant Points. This makes the Oni skin collection the second highest tier of skins available in the game, one tier below the recently released Elder Flames collection.

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