Thorin hits back at TSM Leena's comments from OfflineTV Podcast

Thorin hits back at TSM Leena's comments from OfflineTV Podcast

Nutan Lele
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  • Thorin clarifies his stand on the conflict of interest accusation.
  • Responds against the points made by Leena in OfflineTV podcast.

Thorin’s video about possible conflicts of interest got him a lot of backlash from TSM fans and the community alike. It also prompted a statement from TSM President Leena Xu calling it “fake news”. Since then, Leena has appeared on the OfflineTV podcast and talked about the controversy stating that “We can’t really stop what the fans are going to say. I think it is hypocritical that they’re not respectful about the situation. They didn’t reach out to any of us for comment and they just want to start throwing accusations around, and that it’s ridiculous that people aren’t still satisfied with the outcome even after Riot came out with an official statement green lighting the trade. Leena also mentioned, “If they had a problem with my relationship with Peter, they should have voiced it months ago, when we first became public about the situation. I think that it’s just convenient right now to bring it up, to stop the trade from happening.” 

Now in his video, Thorin has responded to the accusations. He mentioned that he didn’t want the trade to be cancelled, nor did he accuse her of poaching, that was Monte’s opinion. His core point was that the trade was an example of a lack of sufficient rules regarding conflicts of interest which became clear in the investigation documents. Thorin called out Leena’s statement on a lack of precedent from Riot’s side about high-level members of organisations dating. Thorin says that the conflict of interest should have been called out when Doublelift was on TL. He continued saying Riot should have set another precedent this time around. 

As Leena mentioned on the OfflineTV podcast about neither Thorin or Monte reaching out to her for a statement, she should have reached out to them after their statements before branding it “fake news”. Thorin’s anger in the video is fueled by a huge backlash from fans for putting forth what he considers fair points. The attempts at virtue signalling and denting his credibility is what got his blood boiling. Since credibility plays a huge part in Thorin’s field, it is understandable why he is frustrated. 

MonteCristo backed up Thorin, tweeting out:

The fact that Thorin refused to work with TSM or associate with them in any capacity from here on suggests significant issues behind the scenes. 

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