TenZ Becomes First Player from NA Region to Reach VALORANT Rank

TenZ Becomes First Player from NA Region to Reach VALORANT Rank

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • TenZ becomes the first player from the North American region to attain VALORANT rank.

  • He attains the rank within just two days of ranked matchmaking being introduced to the region.

  • He initially calibrated his rank as Immortal 1 and worked his way all the way up to VALORANT.

Just two days into the North American region getting their hands on ranked matchmaking and already Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has managed to reach the ‘VALORANT’ rank, becoming the first player in the North American region to do so.

The former CS:GO player who recently became the first-ever pro VALORANT player for Cloud9, calibrated as Immortal 1 after winning four out of his five calibration games yesterday. He continued playing ranked matches and made it all the way to Immortal 2 till the end of the day, promising to continue “grinding more rank tomorrow.”

As promised, the 18-year-old kept grinding to reach Immortal 3 and just five hours later updated on Twitter that he had managed to reach the VALORANT rank, becoming the first player from NA to do so.

TenZ who is presently the only player on the Cloud9 VALORANT lineup has proved his potential by reaching this feat, which cannot be ignored or looked down upon no matter what the reasoning might be.

TenZ Becomes First Player from NA Region to Reach VALORANT Rank

Canadian streamer Shroud had also announced his VALORANT rank yesterday after managing to win three of his calibration games. Though the community is still debating the factors which affect the calibration of ranks, no one seems to be majorly upset by it.

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