Royal Never Give Up does not Renew contract with Uzi

Royal Never Give Up does not Renew contract with Uzi

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  • Uzi does not get contract renewed with RNG
  • RNG benches Uzi during LPL 2020 Spring Split due to injuries
  • Future uncertain for Uzi's professional League career.

Uzi, widely regarded as one of the best AD carries in the world, is now a free agent. An update to Riot’s Esports Global Contract Database shows that Uzi’s contract has not been renewed. The star player’s contract expired on 30th April and RNG and Uzi are yet to put out an official statement regarding him leaving or even an extension. So for now, he’s a free agent. 

Uzi’s Legacy

Since the beginning of his career in 2013, Uzi has been in form. Barring a small drop in 2015, he was carrying games even when his teammates failed to perform. RNG’s 2018 MSI matches are a testament to the kind of player he is.  He displayed his god-like mechanics in matches against tough competitors in the LPL, an aggressive league full of mechanically proficient players. Even in matches against KZ and PraY-Gorilla he dominated with undeniable lane presence. He was the only player who had over 2000 kills in all leagues by 2018 and the first player to reach 3,000 career kills. This record went unbroken till 2020 until Rookie’s pentakill brought his total up to 3,150, nine more kills than Uzi (3,141).

Uncertain future

RNG managed to qualify for the playoffs, coming in 7th during the LPL Spring Split 2020. However, they finished dead last on the leaderboard.  An unfit Uzi has been benched the whole of LPL this year. He opened up about his injuries in a documentary produced by the LPL and Nike, about lack of practice owing to his condition. A professional had told him that his arms were similar to that of a "40 to 50 year old." 

It is unclear what the future holds for Uzi’s career and it’s possible that RNG doesn’t wish to keep him for the Summer Split. The extent of his injuries may force the star player to retire from professional League of Legends

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