Summit1g calls Aiming in VALORANT 'Hogwash' and 'Ridiculous'

Summit1g calls Aiming in VALORANT 'Hogwash' and 'Ridiculous'

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Summit1g takes a shot at VALORANT's aiming mechanics as it does not punish players for shooting while strafing.

  • The shift in the accuracy of a weapon is very low when firing it while 'strafing', which is evident by the consistency of the crosshair.

  • He explains how the aiming mechanism should actually work, which is similar to how it works for CS:GO.

VALORANT has failed to impress popular Twitch streamer Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar when it comes to aiming. To be specific the streamer feels that VALORANT is not punishing enough when it comes to ‘running and gunning’, in simpler terms when a player is shooting while moving the accuracy of the weapon does not get much affected.

The 33-year-old streamer showcased how ‘strafing’ in VALORANT did not impact the accuracy of the weapon all that much, describing the games aiming mechanics to be ‘hogwash’ and ‘ridiculous’, as he connected all his shots accurately while moving continuously without his accuracy being impacted in any way.

One can also witness the crosshair of his weapon staying consistent despite the player ‘counter-strafing’ in between his movements quite often. Another feature on which he commented by saying that “counter-strafing is not very good in this game either, stops on a dime too quickly, there is no reason to it.” As he went on to reveal that some players were binding their ‘shooting’ and ‘walking’ onto the same button.

This aiming system is in complete contrast to that of CS:GO, where a player’s accuracy is heavily impacted while ‘strafing’ and hence the ability of ‘counter-strafing’ is very important to get a hang of, to ensure better accuracy and aim. Something which even summit1g emphasised upon while showcasing the right way for the aiming mechanism to work.

The game which is still in closed beta has already copied firing and recoil patterns from Counter-Strike, maybe it could also adopt its aiming mechanism to perfect the gunplay. Let’s see if VALORANT is able to take this feedback and come back with something more effective and realistic for the players, before the game’s release.

Edit: An earlier version of this article stated that Summit1G is 27 years old. This has been corrected after some of our readers pointed out the error.

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