Riot Games Unveils Initial Steps Towards Building an Esports Ecosystem for VALORANT

Riot Games Unveils Initial Steps Towards Building an Esports Ecosystem for VALORANT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Whalen Rozelle on behalf of VALORANT esports team shares some initial thoughts towards building VALORANT's competitive scene.

  • He states that the esports ecosystem will be guided by three core principles: competitive integrity, accessibility, and authenticity.

  • They have released a competitive guideline for all third-party tournament organizers in order to help them confidently plan events.

Just a week after the release of its closed beta, VALORANT is now planning to enter the competitive scene as they state that the game already has “the making of a global esports,” and though they have big dreams of what this can be, “we want to be thoughtful in how we put it together.”

Talking about the first steps towards building the VALORANT esports ecosystem, Whalen Rozelle - Senior Director of Global Esports at Riot Games while speaking on behalf of the entire VALORANT esports team explains that VALORANT’s competitive scene will be guided by the following three principles,

  • Competitive Integrity - This is to ensure that players win or lose matches on the basis of their own skill and teamwork rather than any external factors influencing or affecting the outcome.

  • Accessibility - This is related to the broadcasting experience through which VALORANT intends to cater to both longtime fans while also making it easy for new fans to enjoy the game.

  • Authenticity - This is VALORANT showcasing its promise to build this competitive system along with the community.

While the guidelines are set in stone, Rozelle goes on to state that “we’re not looking to force anything too quickly without knowing what’s best for esports fans,” as he reveals that the current focus relies on forming partnerships with players. content creators, tournament organizers, and developers - enabling them to help us build this ecosystem.

They also released their VALORANT Community Competition Guidelines, giving third-party tournament organizers a rough idea of what is expected from them, and helping them confidently plan events. VALORANT also confirmed that they might partner with others in the future if they share the same vision, working closely to ensure a better esport experience.

While a lot of ideas and guidelines were presented, nothing concrete has been said from VALORANT’s side pertaining to any official tournament or league, but with the guidelines being established tournament organizers might already be planning something to do with the tactical shooter.

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