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Will TFT Set 10 Have Region Portals?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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TFT fans are already gearing up for the much-anticipated Set 10.
One of the mechanics that has come to be a fan favorite in Riot Games' auto-battler is the Region Portals.
There has been some development about this mechanic, as confirmed by one of the lead TFT developers.

Players are currently playing through way through Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9.5 Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound. However, with the season ending soon, most of the TFT fans are already gearing up for the much-anticipated Set 10.

The roll out of a new set automatically means new units, traits, and classes for players to indulge in along with new mechanics to learn. One of the mechanics that has come to be a fan favorite in Riot Games' auto-battler is the Region Portals. Now, there seems to be more news about Region Portals in TFT Set 10.

Here's all we know about Region Portals in TFT Set 10.

Are Region Portals Returning to TFT Set 10?

Notably, Region Portals, in a different form, dates back to Set 3 Galaxies where Riot Games used this mechanic to spice up the game. The Galaxies changed how a game was played and each game, a random galaxy was selected.

A revamped version of Region Portals was added to TFT in Set 9 Runeterra Reforged. Region Portals drastically changes one's gameplay strategy in every game of TFT, enabling players to think on their feet.

Region Portals replaced the opening carousel in TFT and it allows players to vote for one among the three portals on the ground. Each of these portals correspond to a special rule that's added to the current lobby.

While every players gets to vote, the game will randomly select only one player or their little legend's choice. After this, the game will commence from the Region Portal they are standing on.

Recently, one of the TFT developers accidentally leaked that the popular Region Portals mechanic will return in the upcoming TFT Set 10.

On a recent stream, TFT lead designer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer confirmed that Region Portals will be making a return in some form during Set 10.

He said, "This is a hard one to answer. That Rioter wasn’t supposed to reveal that they’re [Region Portals] coming, but I’ll just say it. Yes, portals will be sticking around in some form, in some form, not the same, but in some form."

Commenting on this development, a TFT player said, "Portals are great and would love to see it carry on in some form to the next set. Legends however will not be missed especially the Twisted Fates legend."

Another user reasoned that being able to vote on portals is not a good mechanic. They added, "Everyone just vote on ones that work with the meta comps. Making off meta even harder to play. Hopefully they will change that."

With this confirmation from Riot Mort himself, fans of Region Portals are ecstatic. However, only time will tell in which form this mechanic sticks around in TFT Set 10.

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