Who is Valorant Iso’s Voice Actor?

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Who is Valorant Iso’s Voice Actor?


Valorant recently welcomed Valorant's 24th agent Iso.
Iso is a Chinese Valorant agent, who boasts abilities powered by radianite energy. He also has other abilities that make him invincible against any incoming damage.
Here's all you need to know about Iso's voice actor.

Valorant, the highly popular tactical shooter game, unveiled its 24th agent recently, once again electrifying the community with new content. Introducing a new agent always rejuvenates the gaming experience for players. Iso joined the esteemed roster in Episode Seven, Act Three. This is a duelist agent hailing from China and has a memorable and distinct voice. Fans always enjoy knowing who the voice actor behind their favorite agent is. 

So, here we’ll provide you with an answer to this question: Who is Iso’s voice actor in Valorant? The game has given us some great voice lines by these agents and the voice actors play a significant role in conveying the emotions. Let us jump right into it!

Who Is Iso in Valorant?

Iso, whose real name is Li Zhao Yu, is the latest addition to the Valorant agent list. He joined the ever-expanding agent roster as a duelist and possesses abilities channeled by radianite energy. This is one of the most relaxed duelists players have seen in the game, unlike the others, who demand aggressive gameplay by nature. The following are his abilities, including his ultimate:

  • Undercut (Q)

  • Double Tap (E)

  • Contingency (C)

  • Kill Contract (X)

Iso creates energy orbs by compelling his adversaries to grant him protection against incoming damage. He can also deploy a shield that can bend bullets, a molecular bolt that renders enemies vulnerable, and the capacity to conjure an interdimensional arena where only he and his opponent exist.

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Who Voices Iso in Valorant?

Just like any other agent, Iso’s voicelines also give us an insight into the tempting Valorant lore, letting us know more about the game. His voicelines are relaxed yet they reveal how determined he his to take down the enemies. He appears to be confident about his powers and expresses it profoundly through his voicelines. 

Many have found his voice to be quite familiar, saying that they’ve heard the same voice actor in a few anime. Valorant has not yet given us an official name.

But, if we are to believe Valorant’s pattern of hiring voice actors, we can expect a Chinese voice actor to be behind the agent’s voice. Many of Iso’s voicelines are in Chinese, so it is not that farfetched to believe the voice actor to be Chinese. 

However, the voice actor of Iso has not been revealed. So we don’t have an official artist credited as Iso’s voice actor. But players can wait for a YouTube reveal or a behind the scenes video to find out who the voice actor is. 

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