How To Play Iso in Valorant? Role, Abilities, Base Costs, Charges Explained

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Iso is finally here in Valorant with&nbsp;Episode 7 Act 3</p></div>
Iso is finally here in Valorant with&nbsp;Episode 7 Act 3


Riot Games

New Agent Iso is finally here in Valorant with Episode 7 Act 3.
Here's all you need to know about how to play the new Chinese Agent Iso in Valorant

Riot Games released Valorant patch 7.09 on 31st August and with this is the newest Chinese Agent cum Duelist, Iso, has been released. Notably, Episode 7 Act 3 is the final season for the title this year. For the longest time, players have been wanting a new duelist and Riot Games delivered.

Initially teasing Iso, Riot Games wrote, "At its core VALORANT is a team-based Tac Shooter where gunplay shines. For some of you that means aspiring to plow through enemies like Jinggg, and putting hours in clicking those orbs with aim trainers for that clean 5K."

The official trailer for Iso was released on 19th October and the community, without wasting any time, was able to find out what his abilities were. However, Riot followed up and explained his abilities in detail.

Here's how you play Iso in Valorant.

Who Is Iso in Valorant?

According to the official bio for Iso, he is a Chinese fixer for hire. He falls into a flow state to dismantle the opposition. Riot adds, "Reconfiguring ambient energy into bulletproof protection, he advances with focus towards his next duel to the death."

Iso is a deadly Duelist has a unique set of abilities. Most of them directly depend on the gun mechanics of a player. If your gun play is good, Iso is the right pick for you. However, if you are not so confident in duels, you might want to practice before you lock in Iso in Valorant.

New Valorant Duelist Agent Iso: Complete Details

Iso, right on cue, released on 31st October (1st November for India) along with Patch 7.09.

Here are his abilities:

  • UNDERCUT (Q): Equip a molecular bolt. Fire to throw it forward, applying a brief 'fragile' to all players it touches. The bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls.

  • DOUBLE TAP (E): Start a focus timer. Once completed, enter a flow state during which downed enemies you kill or damage generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants you a shield which absorbs one instance of damage from any source.

  • CONTINGENCY (C): Equip to assemble prismatic energy. Fire to push an indestructible wall of energy forward that blocks bullets.

  • KILL CONTRACT (X): Equip an interdimensional arena. Fire to hurl a column of energy through the battlefield, pulling you and the first enemy hit into the arena. You and your opponent duel to the death.

Valorant Patch 7.09: New Agent Iso, Agent Changes, Weapon Updates, More

Here are the base charges and costs for all his abilities:

1. Double Tap | E

  • Base Charge: 1

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 150 Credits

2. Undercut | Q

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

3. Contingency | C

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

4. Kill Contract | X

  • Base Charge: 0

  • Total Charges: 2

  • Cost: 200 Credits

Currently, Iso's Recruitment event is live in Valorant. All players have to do is to collect 200,000 XP to unlock this agent.

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