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Who Is Heimerdinger in the Arcane TV Series on Netflix?

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Heimderdinger in the Arcane TV Series on Netflix is a Yordle inventor who is over 300 years old and is known as the 'Father of Piltover.'
He is the only character who seems to be deeply concerned about the use of arcane energy in Piltover.
Heimerdinger might play a crucial role in Act 3 and prevent the misuse of Hexcore technology.

Heimerdinger is a character from League of Legends but if you caught a glimpse of the Yordle inventor for the first time in the Arcane series on Netflix, you might be wondering who the ‘Father of Piltover’ really is. Heimerdinger is one of the most brilliant minds in all of Piltover’s history and in the ‘Arcane’ series, he is shown to be over 300 years old. His experience as an inventor makes him an important part of the Piltover council and the inventor is one of the only ones to oppose the use of arcane technology in the TV series.

But there is a lot more to the character than just his intelligence. He seems to know how dangerous Hexcore and the use of arcane powers can be. Heimerdinger, who is voiced by Mike Wingert in the Arcane TV series on Netflix, might not be one of the featured protagonists of the show, but he stands out in every scene that he is in.

Heimerdinger’s role in the Arcane TV series on Netflix

In Act 1 of the Arcane TV series on Netflix, Heimerdinger is cautious about the use of Hextech. He dismisses the use of arcane technology at the start but after Viktor and Jayce prove that they can stabilize the power, Heimerdinger agrees to deploy the technology in Piltover after the council votes for it.

Despite Jayce going against Heimerdinger’s wishes, the aged Yordle seems to have compassion for the young scientist and tries to reason with Jayce. Unfortunately, Jayce betrays Heimerdinger in Act 2 after being manipulated by Mel Medarda. Jayce is desperate to save Viktor’s life and is willing to betray the professor’s trust.

Heimerdinger - Arcane TV series

Jayce knows that Hexcore technology might not be safe but he wants to save Viktor’s life and does not want to see Piltover be attacked by Zaun. In Act 3, Piltover and Zaun will be up in arms against each other and Heimerdinger might play a role in preventing the misuse of Hexcore technology. With Jinx getting hold of Hextech crystals and giving it to Silco, Heimerdinger’s wisdom might be the only thing that could save Piltover.

Heimerdinger in League of Legends

Heimerdinger in League of Legends is one of the first champions to be added to the game. While in Arcane he does not like the idea behind Hextech at the start, things are quite different in the game. Somewhere down the line he may have decided to use Hextech to power his abilities, as is seen through his abilities in the game.

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