When Is The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date Scheduled (December 2023)?


When Is the Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date Scheduled (December 2023)?

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Wipes in Escape from Tarkov scrape away the current progress of the game and take players back to the initial state, while also bringing significant updates to the game.
The last wipe took place in August 2023 and now players have been wondering about the next Escape from Tarkov Wipe.

Escape From Tarkov is a tactful multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game set in the fictional world of the Norvinsk region. Players who play this game are primarily impressed by the hardcore realism of the game. Its story-driven walkthrough combined with the role-playing simulation is a promising feature of the game.

Another distinguishing feature of the game is the Escape From Tarkov wipe. Escape From Tarkov wipes are a global server reset which revert players back to level 1 and empty their inventories, stripping them of all gear.

Many have been wondering about the next Escape From Tarkov wipe for quite sometime now.

What Is a Wipe in Escape From Tarkov?

A wipe in Escape From Tarkov resets players to level one, reverting their game progress to the initial state they began with. This not only allows players to start over with a clean slate but also brings significant updates to the game. These updates can bring things like new maps, weapons, game modes, characters and mechanics into the game.

While this sounds like a crazy system and scary to players, especially if they’ve grinded for the most valuable gear. This is the way Battlestate Games keeps the game fresh and puts everyone on a level playing field again.

Wipes ensure that old players don't remain stagnated and provide equal opportunity to new players to grind harder. This may seem a little intimidating at first to new players at the prospect of their progress being wiped out.

When is the Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date Scheduled (December 2023)

Players have been wondering for a while now about the next Tarkov wipe. The last wipe took place on 10th August 2023 and has lasted for around 136 days as of 24th December 2023. The game took its longest gap between the last and the second last wipe (which took place on 28th December 2022), lasting for 225 days.

As anticipation is bubbling over, players are eager to know about the next wipe.

It has been rumored for a long time that the next wipe is to take place in December 2023. This is especially owed to the fact that the recent update has boosted all bosses to a 100% spawn rate, indicating the end of this segment.

Players have also witnessed that the keycard needed to enter the Labs map has also been scraped. This allows entry into the Labs for free, allowing players to garner immense wealth. This usually happens before a wipe is introduced in the game.

So What's the Date For The Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe?

While neither Escape From Tarkov nor Battlestate have explicitly shared the date for the wipe, players have some idea in mind. Seeing cryptic activity on their X (formerly Twitter) accounts, they believe that a wipe is imminent.

We believe and agree with players that the wipe is likely to take place after Christmas, perhaps on 26th December 2023. We will know for sure in just a couple of days!

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