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When is The Apex Legends Cross Progression Update Coming?

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Apex Legends’ cross-play update has been delayed with no release date in sight.
Cross-progression will allow players to have access to the battle pass, skins, and other items on all platforms using one account.
The feature was supposed to launch last year but it was delayed with Apex Legends and Titanfall facing DDOS attacks.

Apex Legends received a cross-play update last year and it finally allowed players from all platforms to queue up together. But players who have access to multiple platforms were left in the dust as they are still unable to maintain a single account for all platforms. Cross progression was supposed to launch along with cross-play and it looks like there is no release date on the horizon. Respawn had previously confirmed that cross-progression is still in the works and it should arrive sometime in 2022.

When is cross-progression coming to Apex Legends?

Currently, cross-progression is available only between Origin and Steam and other platforms do not share the same benefits. Players can switch between Origin and Steam and get access to all of their account progress. This is made possible by linking an EA account. A similar feature was supposed to come for consoles as well, which would allow players to have a single account for all platforms.

Nintendo Swtich, Xbox and PlayStation gamers do not have access to cross progression in Apex Legends and it looks like it has been hit with delays. In November 2021, Game Director Chag Grenier revealed in a Twitch revealed in a Twitch stream that the dev team is still working on but “It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be. But we are working on cross-progression that will allow people to carry over purchases, skins, account progress, regardless of which platform they’re playing on.”

It was around that time that Apex Legends and Titanfall were hit with Direct Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks which caused development issues as Respawn had to work on security fixes to prevent similar attacks from taking place.

It is expected that the cross-play update will arrive sometime this year when the moon map launches. Respawn is also expected to do another level cap increase once the cross-progression update drops, which will allow players to increase their account level and earn more Apex Packs for cosmetics and potential heirloom shards.

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