Apex Legends Season 13 Weapon Tier List

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Apex Legends Weapon Tier List


Apex Legend’s tier list has changed dramatically in the current ranked split thanks to the map change which makes ranged weapons less effective.
The Kraber’s nerfs weren’t enough to keep the weapon out of S-Tier and it continues to shine with its insane damage.
The G7 Scout has risen through the ranks due to buffs making it much stronger with Double Tap Trigger.

Apex Legends Season 13 Split 2 has commenced and the balanced changes from the Saviors patch have left a major impact on the meta. The G7 Scout is undoubtedly the biggest winner of this patch thanks to some tweaks that it recently received which makes the weapon worth picking up from the care package. Here are all of the weapons ranked in our Apex Legends Season 13 tier list.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

Here are all of the weapons in Apex Legends Season 13 sorted by their current tiers:


The weapons in this tier are:

  • Mastiff

  • Volt

  • Spitfire

  • Flatline

  • Kraber

Despite the massive nerfs to the Kraber, it continues to be one of the best weapons in the game. It can be argued that it is no longer the uncontested number one weapon in Apex Legends Season 13, especially with Mastiff and Volt being such powerhouse options. Despite the removal of the barrel stabilizer slot, Spitfire continues to be an amazing weapon thanks to its seemingly infinite mat. Flatline has returned to the ground loot pool and reclaimed its popularity in the meta.


The weapons in this tier are:

  • Prowler

  • Triple Take

  • Peacekeper

  • Wingman


  • G7 Scout

  • R301

The CAR is not in the S-Tier simply because you have to go out of your way and craft it this season. The Prowler is lethal as ever when using a controller, but it is not as effective on mouse and keyboard.

G7 Scout’s recent buffs have pushed the weapon to the A-tier and it is worth using the weapon on Double Tap mode. The trio of Wingman, Peacekeeper, and R301 will forever be part of the meta and they continue to be reliable options ever since Season 0.


The weapons in this tier are:

  • Havoc

  • Charge Rifle

  • Sentinel

  • Hemlock

  • Rampage

  • R-99

  • Longbow

  • L-Star

Due to the nerf to smart loot and the lack of IMC Armories on World’s Edge this ranked split, the Havoc is no longer the beast it used to be in the first split of this season. It is still great thanks to the recoil changes and worth picking up. All three snipers are in the B-Tier and they are not as great as they used to be because World’s Edge is a much smaller ranked map compared to Storm Point.

Hemlock and Rampage are great even at long ranges but they are nowhere near as versatile as R-301 or Flatline. The R-99 is seeing less play at the moment due to CAR being a guaranteed weapon from the replicators until the end of this season. The L-Star continues to be a decent weapon despite the nerfs to its projectile size and it can destroy enemies in close range if you hip-fire it.


The weapons in this tier are:

  • 30-30 Repeater

  • Devotion

  • Bocek

  • RE-45

  • Alternator

The Repeater and the Bocek are solid marksman options and are underrated but they are not as effective in World’s Edge. The RE-45 and Devotion both fall short as they are not effective without attachments. The RE-45 is in a tier above the other two Hammerpoint weapons because it can be lethal at extremely close ranges and can one clip people consistently if you have a magazine.


The weapons in this tier are:

  • P2020

  • Mozambique

  • EVA-8

The P2020 and Mozambique are not optimal to use, especially if you lack attachments for them. When fully kitted out, they can be lethal with Hammerpoint Rounds but they are lacking if you can’t take advantage of the hop-up. EVA-8 is arguably one of the worst guns in the game right now and Respawn may have nerfed the weapon a little too hard. Even Mozambique can be a lot more consistent than the EVA and it is likely to receive changes in future balance patches.

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