Pokimane is one of the biggest female content creators and streamers on Twitch. This article will explore her Valorant rank


What Rank is Pokimane in Valorant?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Pokimane is one of the biggest female content creators and streamers on Twitch.
She recently played Valorant ranked on her alternate accounts.
Pokimane has peaked at Immortal 1 in Valorant in the past.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is arguably the biggest female content creator on Twitch who is also a part of Offline TV. She often streams Valorant and plays the game along with her friends including Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Sykkuno, and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang. In the past, she has reached Immortal in Valorant and recently played the game after a considerable gap. On 26th December, Pokimane played Riot Games’ shooter  on stream and titled it “Let's play some solo q ranked :) un-rusting in Valorant.” During her 6-hour stream, she played some solo queue games in ranked and also managed to play a few five-stack games with her friends. 

Pokimane’s highest Valorant Rank achieved is Immortal and notably, she is not a regular Valorant streamer. In her recent stream, she played on her account named “039.” Let’s see what rank this account of hers is.

Pokimane plays ranked in Valorant

Pokimane has been playing Valorant since its beta version and she has noted in the past that she has three accounts on which she plays ranked. She has also been vocal about online trolls calling her “boosted” and has proven multiple times that she is indeed good at the game. In 2021, she tweeted that she reached Immortal 1 after being Diamond for three acts and stated that she was proud of herself.

On her recent livestream, Pokimane played on her 039 account and first asked her viewers how many games she has to play to get her rank. Her chat immediately told her that she will be able to see her rank after finishing one game. Pokimane’s first game was on Sova and the map was Icebox, and unfortunately, her team lost the game 13-5. 

When she lost the round and the game after a bad Sova dart and ultimate, Pokimane said, “That’s the upside to streaming your games. When something really bad happens, at least it’s content.” She was first placed in Gold 3 with 27 RR [Ranked Rating] and she lost 23 RR after the loss. 

In the last few hours of her stream, she played with Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Hasan “HasanAbi” Doğan Piker, and Miyoung “kkatamina” Kim. She ended her stream after reaching Platinum. Meanwhile, Pokimane’s other Valorant account named “ImVerySorry” is also Platinum 2. She played on this account on 23rd December on stream. She said her next goal is to climb to Diamond on the 039 account and that after that she shall play on her main account.

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