What Is the Upcoming LoL Bullet Heaven Survivor PvE Game Mode?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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new PvE League of Legends Game mode


League of Legends developers recently announced a new PvE bullet heaven game mode.
Here's everything we know about this new and upcoming game mode.

Riot Games, on 8th April, announced a new Player vs Environment (PvE) game mode for League of Legends. The publisher noted that it is currently under development and is soon to be released. This game mode will move away from the usual League of Legends gameplay that we know so well and will be focusing on a completely new experience that players can share with their friends.

It should be noted that this game mode was first teased by Riot Games and its developers in January 2024 and more details about it were revealed during the recent Dev Update video that was released on 8th April titled, "Arena, Lee Sin & PvE Mode First-Look."

Here's all we know about this new LoL PvE game mode so far.

New LoL PvE Game Mode: All We Know So Far

Riot Games stated that this upcoming PvE game mode will be different from the other rotating game modes (RGMs) we have had in League of Legends thus far. The developers said that this game mode will be somewhat along the lines of "bullet heaven survivor PvE." In short, this game mode will likely be similar to titles like Vampire Survivors. For instance, Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.

Riot developer Choochoo Trainnnn said, "We mentioned that we were making something that would be a little different take on League’s core gameplay, but a bit more chill comparing to Arena."

The devs added that players will be able to fight against hordes of enemies by themselves or with friends in this bullet heaven survivor PvE game mode. Following this, they also showed a glimpse of what is under development.

On Twitter, Riot August confirmed, "Excited to say I'm the design lead for the new bullet heaven PvE mode we're working on." However, players should note that this will not be a permanent game mode in the client.

New LoL Bullet Heaven Survivor PvE Game Mode: Release Window

According to Riot Games, this new and upcoming PvE game mode modelled on the bullet heaven survivor genre is slated to be released sometime during the mid-year event in 2024. So, naturally, players can expect to try their luck at this game mode in just a few months.

It should be noted that Featured Game Modes or Rotating Game Modes (RGM) in League of Legends are rotating game modes where players can be a part of fun and interactive gameplay apart from the usual Summoner's Rift and All Random All Mid (ARAM) modes. Riot Games usually rolls out new ones every now and then for players to enjoy. 

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