All you need to know about the Total Mayhem mode in Overwatch 2.


What is the Total Mayhem Game Mode in Overwatch 2?

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Total Mayhem, as the name suggests, is a chaotic game mode you can play.
The rotating game mode dials normal Overwatch up to 11.

While the classic Overwatch 2 grind is fun, sometimes, relaxing with more casual Arcade modes is the way to go. One such incredibly entertaining mode is Total Mayhem. The basic premise of Total Mayhem is turning the chaos of teamfights up to several notches with abilities going off more frequently; imagine Overwatch but on steroids. 

What is the structure of Total Mayhem? 

Total Mayhem is a rotating game mode in Overwatch 2’s Arcade menu. The mode is structurally very similar to Quick Play Overwatch. It is only played on Escort maps and Hybrid maps. So expect to queue up on Dorado, Junkertown, Eichenwalde or newer maps like Circuit Royal, Midtown or the recently added Shambali Monastery. 

All heroes have double their usual health and all ability cooldowns are 75% faster with 50% faster ultimate charge. However, Ana’s Sleep Dart cooldown is only 33% faster, and Baptiste’s Immortality Field is reduced from 20 seconds to 14s. Tanks like Zarya benefit greatly in game modes like Total Mayhem. The cooldown of her bubble is lower than how long it takes the ability to wear off, making her practically unkillable. Blizzard said they would be nerfing her in the game mode in an upcoming patch.

Where do I find it?

If the game mode is live, you’ll find it by navigating to Arcade after selecting Play on the main menu. The mode first debuted in Overwatch as a rotating brawl mode but later got a regular spot in Arcade. It was played as a 6v6, however with the changed format of Overwatch 2 it has been changed to a 5v5 mode. In Overwatch 2 Total Mayhem returned as a rotating game mode with No Limits taking its permanent spot. However, it is definitely worth trying out when you do find it live in Arcade. Named after Junkrat’s passive, the mode truly lives up to its name, making for some hilarious interactions due to ability cooldowns being significantly reduced.

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