What Is the Silas Hesk Outfit and When Is It Coming to Fortnite?


What Is the Silas Hesk Outfit and When Is It Coming to Fortnite?

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The Silas Hesk Outfit will be the first Crew membership skin of January 2024.
It is expected to arrive with 5 different variants as well as a Lego version.
Each variant can be unlocked by prolonging your monthly crew subscription for upto 5 months, but you can cancel it anytime you like.

With just a few days left for this year to end, Epic Games has still decided to launch a new skin as an addition to the Fortnite Crew lineup. This would be the first new character of 2024 and would be part of the Crew collection for January next year. This would be another original character design known as Silas Hesk who will be a worthy addition to the monthly Crew subscribers as this would be unique from the rest of the lineup. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming outfit.

What Is the Silas Hesk Outfit in Fortnite?

As mentioned above, Silas Hesk would be an originally designed outfit adding to the Fortnite Crew lineup. This character is said to belong to the Epic rarity making him truly unique from the rest of the bunch.

Although the devs have only showcased one single style in their aforementioned Tweet, Silas Hesk is expected to arrive with 5 other styles apart from his initial white and black clothing, his spectacles coupled with the black fedora hat and a snake on his neck with the same color as well. Based on the description on the post, we can expect him to possess snake-like abilities, although we cannot exactly pinpoint what it is, at least at the time of writing.

Here are all of his expected variants:

  • Venomous Legacy: This showcases Silas in a green jacket with a corresponding green snake. It can be unlocked with an additional 1 month of crew subscription.

  • Auric Legacy: Complete gold variant complete with the gold fedora hat. Can be unlocked with an additional 2-month crew subscription.

  • Phase Legacy: Silver variant that can be unlocked with an additional 3-month crew subscription.

  • Rimebound Legacy: Silver skin with blue and Teal accents. Can be yours for an additional 4-month crew subscription.

  • Cosmic Legacy: A galaxy-themed outfit with stars and dark purple colors. Can be unlocked with a 5-month additional crew subscription.

Apart from these, Silas Hesk also had a single Lego version of his default skin, along with his 5 corresponding Back Blings followed by 5 corresponding Pickaxes made of Fangs, making this collection worthy for active players who plan to continue playing for hundreds of hours.

When Can You Purchase the Silas Hesk Skin in Fortnite?

Players who are looking forward to unlocking this skin can expect to see it either on the 30th or 31st December around the regular reset time of the Item Shop. Fortnite will probably give us an official release date pretty soon, and we can expect the membership to cost 11.99 USD / 11.99 EUR / 999 INR for one month, offering players various rewards, Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass, and 1,000 V-Bucks.

If you do not wish to continue your membership, you are allowed to cancel it at anytime, however those who subscribe ahead of time will also unlock December’s Skull Scouts Outfit along with this month’s benefits.

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