What Is the Murmur Sacrophagus and Where Can You Find It in Warframe?


What Is the Murmur Sacrophagus and Where Can You Find It in Warframe?

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The Murmur Sacrophagus is essentially a cache holding Stela, an uncommon resource used to fuse Archon Shards.
These eerie-looking chests are typically found in the sandy Murmur tiles of Albrecht’s Laboratories.

The action-packed world of Warframe encompasses numerous explorative elements to keep its players occupied. This ARPG contains several enticing locations to discover, each holding lucrative rewards and items to add to your inventory. One such elusive item is the Murmur Sacrophagu, hidden caches containing Stela, an Uncommon void-touch stone with an ominous essence used for Cavia-rankups, fusing primary colors, and more. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out where and how to find these secret containers in Warframe’s vast environment.

Where Can You Find Murmur Sacrophagus in Warframe?

As the name suggests, Murmur Sacrophages are typically found in the Murmur tiles in Albrecht’s Laboratories. You will most likely be tasked with finding three of these chests as part of the Sanctum Anatomica Bounty task with a varying level, regardless of the mission you are currently on. Although difficult to find their exact location, they are easily identifiable due to their peculiar appearance, essentially looking like a coffin with three giant fingers wrapping it on its horizontal side.


Once you reach the sandy tilesets, you need to scour through the area to locate these resource deposits. Begin on the ground level and look below the edges of the cliffs present there to spot a few of them. After that, slowly work your way up to the Stone Ridges and Outcrops at higher elevations. You will possibly run into this area when you undertake the following missions on Deimos:

  • Nex Exterminate mission

  • Persto survival mission

  • Cambire Alchemy mission

opened chest

Once found, all you need to do is shoot or attack them similar to any other container or cache, which will loosen the grip of the fingers around it, revealing a blue light emitted in a zig-zag pattern, while also granting you 4 to 6 Stela as a reward, making this a lucrative way to complete mission objectives and bounties, while also looting this Uncommon resource in the process.

The obtained Steal can then be used for fusing Archon shards into various other Arcon Shards. You can also find this essence by taking down Murmur enemies. If you are frustrated by the process of rummaging through this desert area. To make your search easier, you can also equip yourself with a loot detection mod like Animal Instinct on your companion, increasing the radius of your radar and helping you spot both loot and enemies.

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