What Is the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer in Escape from Tarkov?

How to build the gym in the Hideout?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Fierce Blow Sledgehammer is one of the many tools required to take down the Defective Wall.
Fierce Blow Sledgehammer is a big item and you need to carry a backpack to grab it.

Battlestate Games added new content to Escape from Tarkov via an expansion to the Hideout. The publisher added a gym where players can work out and increase their physical strength. However, in order to build the gym, players will have to explore the area behind the Defective Wall. Removing this wall requires a heap of resources and time but it is actually worth the investment and effort. You will require a number of items including a Fierce Blow Sledgehammer to take it down and build the gym. 

This article will look into the possible spawn locations for the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer and how to build the gym in Escape from Tarkov.

Fierce Blow Sledgehammer possible spawn locations

The Fierce Blow Sledgehammer is predominantly used as a hit tool for dismantling various technical and building structures in Escape from Tarkov. Since it is a technical item, the number of places where it can possibly spawn is very limited. You will have to look closely at the big brown wooden boxes called Technical supply crates. Please note that the grid size of the sledgehammer is 2x5 and it weighs 5.5 kg. Since it is big, you will need a backpack to extract with it.

The following are the places where you can find the sledgehammer:

  • Technical supply crates on Reserve

  • Technical supply crates on the Streets of Tarkov

  • Technical supply crates on Lighthouse

  • Some places on Customs

Once you stash the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer, you will the following pop-up: “ Defective Wall is ready for upgrade.

Taking down the Defective Wall and building the gym

The first part of the wall’s deconstruction takes up to three hours and requires the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer but you can use this time to begin scouring raids for the second set of items.

Once the wall is half torn down, you will notice that the sledgehammer can no longer clear the rest of the bricks. You now need to find a Toolset and Metal Cutting Scissors to complete Part 2 of the quest. You can look for these in toolboxes located in most raids on the ground and benches.

The third part of the quest requires even more items:

  • Two Corrugated Hose

  • One Duct Tape

  • One Toolset

  • One Pliers Elite

  • Five Mechanical Parts

  • One Xenomorph Sealing Foam

  • Two Bundle of Wires

  • Two Light bulbs

Once you've collected these and waited 12 hours for the construction to finish, you can walk into the new room and explore it. To build the gym in this new room, you again require a big list of tools and items. They include:

  • One Toolset

  • One Hand drill

  • One Metal Cutting Scissors

  • Three Nuts

  • Three Bolts

  • One WD-40

  • One Masking Tape

After a four-hour crafting process, you will finally finish the Hideout gym.

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