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What Is Solace City in Apex Legends?

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Solace is one of the most important planets in the Outlands and it was featured in the recent Lifeline cinematic.
King's Canyon is part of Solace and more maps from the planet may be featured in the future.
The game's next map is set to be on the Moon, which means that a Solace map is not going to come to Apex Legends anytime soon.

Solace is one of the planets in the world of Apex Legends and it falls under the Syndicate's jurisdiction. King’s Canyon is currently the only map that is featured in Solace and a lot of players have started confusing Solace with the upcoming Moon map that is set to debut later this year.

With the release of the most recent ‘Stories from the Outlands’, fans want the locations shown off in the video in the game but it is not going to happen anytime soon. The next map will be on the Moon and it is set to drop with Season 15, which should go live in October or November this year.

Which characters are from Solace in Apex Legends?

Among the released characters, Gibraltar, Wattson, Revenant, and Mirage are from Solace. Gibraltar’s home is in Little Mouse, which is a small town where he was born and brought up. Mirage on the other hand has the massive Paradise Lounge Bar dedicated to him as well as the Mirage Voyage, which is now available as an Arenas map. Mirage Voyage was previously a point of interest (POI) in King’s Canyon.

Revenant is an assassin in the Outlands but we have not seen much of his backstory since Season 5. We still do not know how he was created as his human consciousness is still stuck inside his simulacrum body.

One of the most important characters in Apex Legends is Wattson as her father was involved with the Apex Games and she herself designed the zone that closes in when you play the battle royale. She also has connections with Horizon and Ash and we can expect her to become a more important figure in the future as we get closer to the Syndicate and identify its members.

Currently, we do not have King’s Canyon, which is a part of Solace, in Apex Legends. The map is set to return next season in August and there might be new points of interest that add more lore about the location and history of the planet.

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