What Is Sm2 in Call of Duty and Why Was It Shut Down?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Everything about Sm2 and the future of the Call of Duty mod.</p></div>
Everything about Sm2 and the future of the Call of Duty mod.


Sm2 was a highly anticipated mod for Call of Duty which would bring together several features across Activision's many titles.
Here is everything about Sm2 and the future of the Call of Duty mod.

Sm2, a fan-made Call of Duty project, has been shut down after over two years in development. Sm2 posted on Twitter saying they had received a Cease and Desist letter on behalf of Activision Publishing. Sm2 was intended to be a mod of Call of Duty games which would have included features from various Call of Duty titles and given players the ultimate mashup experience of one of the longest running first person shooter series. 

What is Sm2? 

Sm2 was a modded Call of Duty client, based on the Modern Warfare Remastered engine which featured numerous features across the Call of Duty titles including:

  • 100+ weapons with attachments and camos

  • 24 Perks, including both original and returning abilities

  • Modern Warfare 3 Strike Chain (Pointstreak) system, with additional streaks

  • Integrated party and voice chat systems

  • Currency system similar to that seen in Black Ops, including Wager Matches

  • Dedicated melee weapon slot, as seen as Modern Warfare Remastered

  • Native music player, as seen in Black Ops 3

  • Unique Progression systems

  • Gameplay ping system, as seen in Modern Warfare (2019)

  • Native Controller support, including Aim Assist

The mod was to be released for free before it was permanently shut down. Sm2 took to Twitter talking about the Cease & Desist and in compliance with it they would be shutting down all operations. 

Activision is yet to comment on why they decided to act against the developers of sm2. 

In April of this year, the project which was being developed in the original Modern Warfare 2 engine (IW4) was to be moved to the Modern Warfare Remastered engine (H1) due to technical issues. There was no official release date mentioned for the mod, however it had been in development for the past two years.

Sm2 decided to change their engine after some technical issues.

The website for Sm2 now redirects to their latest tweet about closing down. The developers had released a showcase of the weapons that would have been present in the mod in January of this year.

The team had also announced three of the many maps that were coming to the mod including Getaway, Hardhat & Shipment.

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