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What is 'Ordnance' in Apex Legends?

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Ordnances in Apex Legends are throwable items including Arc Stars, Thermite Grenades and Frag Grenades.
There are legend-exclusive ordnances as well which are limited to four characters in the game.
More ordnances may be added in the future with a freeze grenade being talked about by leakers in the community.

An ordnance in Apex Legends refers to the “throwables” in the game which include Frag Grenades, Thermite Grenades, and Arc Stars. The term is also used for ‘exclusive ordnances’, which are limited to legend abilities. Currently, there are just four legends with ordnances built into their kit which includes Gibraltar’s ultimate, Caustic’s ultimate, Bangalore’s tactical and ultimate, and Fuse’s tactical and ultimate. These ordnances are available on a cooldown, unlike the throwables which can be picked from ground loot.

All Ordnances in Apex Legends

Here are all of the ordnances that you can pick up in Apex Legends from the ground loot pool.

Frag Grenade: Has a 4-second delay timer before detonation. However, it will only explode upon impact. Does up to 100 damage.

Arc Star: When thrown, it latches on to anything it strikes due to its sharp arms. The impact starts with a 3-second timer followed by a burst of arc energy. Being hit with an arc star causes players to lose all shields regardless of rarity and it can also do 70 unshielded damage as well as 15 pierce damage.

Thermite Grenade: Creates a 3-meter long horizontal wall-of-fire, wherever the user was facing, upon impact. Thermite grenades do 25 damage over a period of 3 seconds, that stacks, and it continues to deal damage for a short duration even if the affected players leave the area of the grenade.

Here are all of the exclusive ordnances in Apex Legends:


Smoke Grenade: Fires a shell that splits into 3 smoke canisters that cover a large area with smoke. If the shell strikes an opponent it does 10 Blunt Damage

Creeping Barrage: Calls in an artillery strike for a creeping barrage that slows down movement and reduces visibility. The direct blast from the artillery strike does a maximum of 40 damage per missile.


Mortar Bombardment: Calls in a Mortar strike by a smoke signal that covers a large area. Deals heavy damage slowing down movement and reducing visibility.


Nox Gas Grenade: Releases a compressed and highly concentrated Nox Gas grenade that quickly engulfs a large area which causes anyone unlucky enough to be trapped within to have very low mobility and visibility due to the dense green gas cloud while also being at risk of getting shot by Caustic as he can see through the gas. The gas also does damage to all targets inside and the damage ramps up over time.


Knuckle Cluster: Launches a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact.

The Motherlode: Launches a bombardment that encircles a target area in a ring of flame.

More ordnances are likely to be added to the game over time as new legends are released. There may also be new ordnances in Apex Legends that can be picked up in future updates.

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