Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players have found a new movement technique called the G-Walk


What Is G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2 & How to Do It?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The latest movement technique in Modern Warfare 2 is called the G-Walk.
It was introduced by a group of players called EuphoriaDream.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players have unearthed a new movement trick called the G-Walk which is giving them a competitive advantage while in combat and it is extremely overpowered. Players know and understand the importance of movement in Modern Warfare 2 and it is the key to survival in-game. With the developers removing slide-canceling from the game, players have taken it upon themselves to find alternatives. This was spotted by internet personality Jake Lucky on Twitter who was amused by the G-Walk mechanic.

Jake Lucky wrote, “This group of kids is continuing to break CoD MW2 movement... with what they now call the G Walk. Bruh.” He added, “The group @EUPHORlADREAM has broken movement multiple times in just as many days. This is terrifying” The G-Walk technique has been brought to the limelight by a group of players called “EuphoriaDream.” 

EuphoriaDream members are Meishū, Devotee, and Entervene. They are yet to post the actual tutorials on how to do the move.

What is G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2?

This G-Walk trick allows players to switch between a prone and standing position without any of the difficult animations in between. This makes the players look like they are sprinting at you on all fours at a very fast pace. Naturally, doing this makes it difficult to hit your shots on the player doing the G-Walk. It is impossible to land a blow on the enemy as they slip and slide near you.

Here’s how you can mimic G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2 and annoy your lobby.

  • Hold prone.

  • Cancel it by sprinting.

  • Do this on a loop at a fast pace

Note that one might have to enable automatic tactical sprint for maximum boost with minimal input since the clips look deadly fast. Doing this trick may not immediately look as clean as the movement pulled off by EuphoriaDream but according to many players, this is the essence of the movement trick. One Twitter user wrote, “It is indeed snake walking 🤣 Just snake and move at the same time. Hold prone, then cancel it with sprint, repeat.”

Doing the above-mentioned steps will get you running on all fours and you can use this to run around your enemies and scare them, while they scramble to shoot you. 

Commenting on the movement technique, one Redditor said, “People really hating on this as if it's not funny as hell, yeah maybe it's annoying but it def doesn't look easy plus it's not even good tactically lmao.

Given that this movement technique has not been received well by everyone in the community, one can expect it to be patched out by Infinity Ward rather soon.

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